Are There Any Cities Named Moron?

There are cities named "Moron" in Mongolia, Cuba, Venezuela and Argentina. There is also a Moron Airforce Base in Spain. The choice of names is more understandable when you know the translations: in Spanish, "moron" means "hill" or "hummock," and in Mongolian, it means "river."

More facts about "Moron":

  • The town of Taft, California, used to be named Moron but had to change its name when the Postmaster General refused to issue it a license because of its name.

  • The term "moron" used to be considered a perfectly valid psychological descriptor, along with the terms "idiot," "imbecile" and "feeble-minded." On one psychological scale, morons were considered slightly mentally superior to imbeciles and even more superior to idiots.

  • In viral reproduction, a moron is an extra gene in a part of a bacteriophage.

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MorĂ³n is moorish, equal to Moore. This name is marroqi, related to morocco. Islamic by ancestry.

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There is a tiny hamlet called Moron next to the town of Negrar, not far from Verona in the Veneto region of Italy.

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You are correct about the term "moron" having been a valid psychological descriptor. In fact, moron, idiot, imbeciles, et. al., denoted specific I.Q. scores based on specific I.Q. tests.

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