Are There Any Buildings Located Directly on the Equator?

Located in the northern city of Macapá, Estádio Milton Corrêa is certainly not the biggest sports stadium in Brazil, nor the newest. The stadium, which was built in 1990 and renovated in 2014, has an attendance record of only 10,000 spectators. But it has a unique claim to fame: it is located directly on the Equator. This has given Estádio Milton Corrêa its nickname, Zerão, which means "Big Zero," in reference to the fact that it is located at zero degrees latitude, near the Marco Zero monument, a giant concrete sundial. In fact, the midfield line is aligned precisely with the Equator, so that during soccer games, each team is essentially defending a different hemisphere.

Playing soccer on the Equator:

  • The stadium is home to at least six different soccer teams, the most successful being Amapá Clube and Esporte Clube Macapá. The sport is known locally as football, of course.

  • Nicknamed "The Capital of the Middle of the World," the city of Macapá is the capital of Brazil's Amapá state. It is arguably Brazil's most remote state capital, located on a plateau beside the Amazon River.

  • Cartography purists would likely note that the midfield line is actually located at 2 seconds North according to the World Geodetic System. However, it is at exactly zero degrees according to the Brazilian Geodetic System.

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