Are Self-Driving Cars Safe?

Self-driving cars are safe and less prone to collisions than human-operated vehicles, research shows. Researchers have found that self-driving cars are less likely to accelerate sharply or brake suddenly than human drivers are, and they also are less likely to drive too closely to other vehicles. Self-driving cars might also be safer, because an estimated 40% of all vehicle accidents in the US are the result of unsafe driver conditions, such as distraction, fatigue or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

More about self-driving cars:

  • It is estimated that replacing 10% of the vehicles in the US with self-driving cars would save approximately $37 billion US Dollars (USD) each year because of lowered accident rates and reduced fuel consumption.
  • The first self-driving cars are projected to cost about $100,000 USD, or about five times as much as the average new vehicle.
  • About 75% of drivers believe they could drive a vehicle more safely than a self-driving car could, according to one poll.
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I think self driving cars are very dangerous.


Some of the new safety features that warn a driver of potential trouble are less expensive and very worthwhile, particularly as an interim improvement while we wait for self-driving cars to arrive and their cost to go down.

If I were buying right now, I would invest in a car with warnings that I'm getting out of my lane, or that I'm too close to the vehicle ahead. Some of the new cars actually brake for you if you don't react swiftly enough when they sense an imminent collision. The more of this, the better!


There are so many benefits to self driving cars. I hope legislators will allow such vehicles as soon as they are deemed practical and the more who would buy these vehicles, the lower the price would be. I can't wait until they're available.


Self driving cars are fine, but how about self-driving trucks? The cost to build a big rig or a dump truck is already expensive, so why not add the technology to have them drive themselves?

Imagine no impaired truck drivers (sleepy or sick) and delivery trucks driving, never needing to stop except for gas. Goods will get to their destinations faster and safer.


If it wasn't that expensive, I'd buy one today!

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