Are Recurring Dreams Significant?

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You may have had the experience of waking up to realize you have dreamed a familiar dream. Recurring dreams are a common phenomena, with varying explanations. Some experts consider them to be an especially significant form of dreaming, as your mind is clearly holding on to an image or concept.

The most common explanation for recurring dreams is that your mind has gotten hold of an unresolved issue in your life. The dreaming mind is an endless stage for our problems; only here can we truly play out situations in our lives with total freedom. It could be a relationship, a murky work situation, or even a long-held insecurity, but your subconscious cannot stop turning the issue over and over. This type of recurring dream can cause serious anxiety, but the more often you have it, the more beneficial it can be. Some experts believe that if you have a dream repeatedly, your conscious mind will be able to recognize it as a dream and wake you up or change it if you are unhappy.


Recurring dreams can often identify a fear or constant worry in your life. Pregnant women often dream about things happening to their baby, about not being able to find it or recognize it. When you have an event you are greatly anticipating in the future, it is likely it will show up in a few dreams. These recurring dreams are simply explained: your conscious mind is focusing on the future event, and the thought works its way into the subconscious. If you are excited about the event, these dreams can be a lot of fun. If you are experiencing anxiety about it, recurring dreams can quickly turn into terrible nightmares that lay out all of your fears.

Other recurring dreams can be more benign in nature. Some people experience recurring symbolism in their dreams, although they may not consciously understand why it is there or what it stands for in their life. If you are having dreams with consistent images, try figuring out what the image means to you. Some dream experts suggest that these repetitive symbols are portrayals of your emotions or state of mind about a subject and are worth paying attention to. If you can correctly identify what a symbol means to you, it may help you identify your emotions about a subject, even if they aren’t readily apparent to you.

To help you better understand and study your recurring dreams, many experts recommend keeping a dream journal. When you wake in the morning, record what you remember of your dreams, and how it has made you feel. Try to find any significance in your previous day that may have influenced your dream. Experts suggest that journaling about your dreams will help you remember them better, as you train your mind to pay close attention to them. While the significance of recurring dreams is still uncertain, it is very possible that careful attention will teach you things about yourself, and may even help you sort out your feelings about complicated or unsettled issues.


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