Are “Male” and “Female” the Only Genders Allowed on Birth Certificates?

Until recently, California listed only "male" or "female" genders on the state's birth certificates. But a new state law now allows residents to list their gender as "non-binary." California's "Gender Recognition Act" of 2017 aims to allow individuals to accurately represent their gender identity in civil documentation. Previously, California law required that individuals had to have undergone clinical treatment in order to apply for a change of gender in state-issued documentation such as birth certificates and driver's licenses. The new act not only removes this requirement, but it also provides the option for "non-binary" gender. The move has been well received, particularly by non-binary, transgender, and inter-sex community members, who have long struggled to accurately reflect their gender identity in official documents.

More about gender identity:

  • Gender identity is an individual's self-perception of their gender, which may or may not match their gender at birth.

  • Individuals may identify with gender identities ranging from agender (genderless) to bigender (identifying as both male and female).

  • "Non-binary" is a gender identity that falls outside of strictly male or female categories.

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Nature has it all figured out, but self-obsessed overthinkers will always try to force others into accepting whatever new schemes they have for convincing us that to allow them to think for us, sets us free.

The doctrine of insanity is to make others believe that they are the insane ones.

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