Are Left-Handed People Smarter than Right-Handed People?

A 2006 study reported in the journal Neuropsychology seems to indicate that the brains of left-handed people amalgamate information between brain hemispheres more efficiently than those of right-handed people. Lefties are more "bi-cerebral." This faster information transfer allows them to process multiple stimuli more quickly – skills required in activities such as video games, sports, or driving in heavy traffic.

Although no studies have proven that lefties are more intelligent than righties, they do suggest that southpaws have certain cognitive advantages, which may explain why lefties are common among mathematicians, architects, artists, and chess experts.

What's left to say?

  • Lefties make up about 10 percent of the general population.

  • Research suggests that left-handers are more likely to suffer from learning disabilities, dyslexia, and mental disorders than right-handers.

  • Left-handed people also tend to have lower instances of arthritis and ulcers.

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"Stuff I learned before going to school, totally left hand" ??

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What about ambidextrous people, especially if they were forced to use the right hand at a young age--pre-puberty. I was one of those who were not allowed to use my left hand in school. I developed a stutter/stammer and now use both hands. Stuff I learned before going to school, totally left hand. Elementary school to high school, mostly left hand except writing.

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