Who Drinks the Most Coca-Cola® Products?

Mexicans drink the most Coca-Cola® products, with the average Mexican person drinking about 665 servings of Coca-Cola® products a year. That's more than the consumption of the average British, American, Indian and Chinese person combined. The Maltese come in second in terms of Coca-Cola® product consumption, drinking almost 600 servings of Coca-Cola® products per person a year, followed by Chileans at a little more than 425 servings.

More facts about Coca-Cola® products and consumption:

  • Coca-Cola® has more than 3,500 product types, which are sold in more than 200 countries. Besides soda, the Coca-Cola® company also sells coffee, several varieties of tea and water and even a few milk and soy-milk based products.

  • India is one of the countries with the lowest Coca-Cola® product consumption per capita, with the average Indian drinking only about nine servings of Coca-Cola® products a year.

  • About 55 billion servings of beverages are consumed every day around the world, not counting water. A little more than three percent of those — or about 1.7 billion servings — are Coca-Cola® products.

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