When Do Bank Robberies Tend to Take Place?

The highest number of bank robberies in the United States take place on Friday mornings in states in the South and West. The least popular day for bank robberies is Sunday, with only three bank robberies recorded during 2010, followed by Mondays and Saturdays, each of which only had about 100 robberies in 2010.

More facts about bank robberies:

  • The South has the most bank robberies of any region in the U.S., with almost 2,000 robberies in 2010, compared with to about 1,750 in the West, about 1,200 in the Midwest and about 1,000 in the Northeast.

  • California had the most bank robberies of any state in 2010, with more than 800 robberies — almost double the amount of robberies in the next most-robbed state, Texas. North Dakota had the fewest bank robberies with only two robberies in the entire state in 2010, followed by Wyoming with three robberies and Vermont and South Dakota, each of which had four robberies.

  • Out of all the bank robberies in 2010, there were only 16 deaths, 13 of whom were the bank robbers themselves.

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