What's Unusual about Oregon's State Flag?

What is unusual about Oregon's state flag is that it's the only US state flag that has a different design on each side. The navy blue flag with gold details was designed in 1925. One side of the Oregon state flag has an emblem reading “State of Oregon” with a gold shield surrounded with 33 gold stars and followed by “1859”—the year Oregon was officially granted statehood as the 33rd US state. Unlike other one-sided state flags, the remaining side of Oregon’s flag has a design depicting a beaver, the official state animal. An alternate version of the Oregon state flag that is used for formal occasions uses the same two-sided design but is trimmed with gold fringe.

More about Oregon:

  • Oregon shares its birthday with another holiday—it became a state on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1859.

  • 99% of US hazelnut production is from Oregon.

  • Oregon’s Crater Lake, which was formed out of the remains of an ancient volcano, holds the record for deepest lake in the US with a depth of 1,932 feet (588.88 m).

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