What Types of Jobs Do Americans Have?

Some Americans work in the nation's many national parks.
Many Americans have office jobs, especially those whom live in or near a city.
Millions of Americans work in farming, fishing, or forestry.
A commercial fishing boat.
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The workforce within the United States continues to shift from manufacturing and agriculture to professional and office jobs. Based on data from the 2000 census, we have created the following chart to illustrate the makeup of the U.S. workforce. The blue component of the horizontal bars represents men and the green component represents women.

type of job number of workers
sales and office 34,621,000 sales and office jobs in the united states
professional and related 26,199,000 professional jobs in the united states
production and transport. 19,968,000 production and transportation jobs in the united states
service 19,277,000 service jobs in the united states
mgmt, financial, bus. 17,448,000 management, financial and business jobs in the united states
construction and maint. 12,256,000 construction and maintenance jobs in the united states
farming, fishing, forestry 952,000 farming, fishing and forestry jobs in the united states


  • total employed males: 69,091,000
  • total employed females: 60,630,000
  • total males: 137,916,000
  • total females: 143,506,000
  • total population: 281,422,000

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Post 2

@Anon168463 -I understand that the population is significantly higher than this, but I think that the data used in the article is based on the 2000 Census data.

I think that many Americans have government jobs. As a matter of fact, more people are employed by the public sector than work in the private sector. This is a first in the United States as the growth in government jobs has expand and the unemployment numbers for those in the private sector has increased dramatically.

I also think that the field of information technology employs a lot of people and has been a constant source of new jobs since 2000. Lately, Social Media jobs have been on the rise and people with this expertise are in demand in America.

Post 1

these are roughly 118 million jobs, not even half the population. can you post the entirety of jobs or even put them under "other" ? this can't be all of them.

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