What Skills Do I Need as a Journeyman Electrician?

Special courses are sometimes offered to help individuals study for the journeyman license examination.
Most journeyman electricians gain hands-on experience through a trade school, apprenticeship or on the job training.
The majority of journeymen electricians work in the construction industry.
After receiving certification, a journeyman is permitted to work unsupervised on any type of electrical system.
In high school, you should focus on math and science classes if you want to become a journeyman electrician.
Some computer training is needed to prepare for work as an electrician, as computer technology plays an increasing role in the industry.
A journeyman electrician should enjoy working with his hands.
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Electrical wiring and complex circuits in buildings, vehicles, and other applications must be installed, repaired, and otherwise maintained by a journeyman electrician who has undergone the appropriate training and education necessary to enter the field. If you think this field might be right for you, it is a good idea to assess your skills and talents early on. While in high school, be sure to focus on math and science courses, and make sure to develop your reading skills adequately. While not always necessary to become a journeyman electrician, it will be a good idea to earn a high school diploma or equivalent qualification.

Once you graduate from high school, you may qualify for entrance into an apprenticeship program. It is best to check with a local electrician's union or with various electric companies to see if you qualify. You will need to fill out applications for such positions, which is a good time to highlight your education. If you have gotten any experience with electrician jobs in the past, or have done any internships, be sure to list these on applications, as these are likely to help you get an apprenticeship that will in turn allow you to become a journeyman electrician.


Be prepared to spend a significant part of your day on your feet performing physical labor if you want to become a journeyman electrician. The job will require you to do some heavy lifting, and you may be required to reach, stand, climb, and bend. Physical fitness is important to the job, and it will help you avoid injuries while on the job.

Many modern electricians use computer programs or other tools to perform various job duties, so it is a good idea to get some computer training if you are unfamiliar with basic computer functions. Many of the skills you will need to become a journeyman electrician will be taught to you during an apprenticeship, but developing the skills early on will help prepare you to excel quickly in the field.

You may also want to consider getting a commercial driver's license (CDL) as many companies will hire electricians who will frequently visit job sites. This means driving a large truck or repair vehicle to the site, and while not all companies will require you to have a CDL, it is a good idea to get one in order to boost your credentials.


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