What Should Non-Football Fans do on Superbowl Sunday?

Families might enjoy a picnic instead of staying home.
There are a number of televised events on Superbowl Sunday specifically for those who are not football fans.
Taking a power walk while listening to music is one Super Bowl Sunday option for non-football fans.
Inviting friends over for a fondue party might be a good alternative gathering.
Going out to dinner is one alternative to watching the Superbowl.
Going to the movies is a good option on Superbowl Sunday for non-football fans.
Having a family movie night is a simple alternative to watching the Superbowl.
Non-football fans might enjoy spending the day playing video games.
A hike could be an alternative activity on Superbowl Sunday.
Superbowl Sunday may be a good time for a massage.
Crowd-free shopping at the mall is likely on Superbowl Sunday.
Going on a camping trip might be a good way to spend Sunday together.
Couples can go for a long walk or do something outside on Superbowl Sunday to get away from the television.
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Some football fans can’t conceive of how people could possibly spend their time on Superbowl Sunday, not watching the Superbowl. There are actually many ways to use this time that can be entertaining, fulfilling or simply good for the soul. Since so many Americans must be near the TV on this day, you can often find that places you frequent are less crowded. Parking can be a breeze and driving a pleasure. Alternately, those with significant others that really want to watch the game, have a number of options.

Because of fewer crowds, Superbowl Sunday is a great time to visit certain places that tend to have high traffic. For example, a fairly new movie is frequently pretty crowded on its first weekend. This day tends to take many folks away, so you can watch a movie in peace. If you have children, and their father (or mother) must watch the TV on Superbowl Sunday, consider a newly released kid’s movie.

Many women choose to have a girl’s day out on Superbowl Sunday. They may have kids and hire a babysitter at a home that isn’t having a Superbowl party. They get out with girlfriends and enjoy the latest chick flick, a day of shopping, a few hours at a day spa, or a nice long lunch. Malls which may be typically crowded on a Sunday afternoon may be deserted.


Parks that are crowded are also good places to visit on Superbowl Sunday. If you’re looking for a nice quiet hike, or just more swing time for the kids, the hours the game plays during the Superbowl are great times to visit. It is usually quieter than normal, and those avoiding the Superbowl may meet to commiserate on what they view as mass hysteria.

Naturally, not all men love Superbowl Sunday, and not all women hate it. Diehard football fans can come in both sexes. Guys that hate it don’t have to sulk. Instead, they may fill their time pursuing their favorite hobbies, walking, cleaning the house, doing repairs, seeing movies, or going on a date. Day spas are not just for women, and this day can offer the perfect time to get that massage you’ve been hankering after.

If a couple doesn’t care for Superbowl Sunday, they might spend a long romantic day together. Couples can have an indoor day, renting movies, or an outdoor one, playing in the snow. Superbowl Sunday can also be a great day for a family or an individual to visit local zoos, aquariums, or museums that are open, or to sightsee in a nearby city.


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That there are fewer crowds on Superbowl Sunday is especially true for skiing. Lift line are especially short for a midwinter weekend!

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