What Should I Consider When Buying a Road Bike?

The types of paths that will be used are important when deciding on a bike.
Correct fit is the most important consideration when selecting a road bike.
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If you are thinking of buying a road bike, there are many things you need to mull over. If you have already decided that a road bike, rather than a mountain bike, is the right choice for you, then here are some other things you need to keep in mind while evaluating your options.

The most important consideration when buying a road bike is a correct fit. Choosing the right size bike means you will ride more comfortably and waste less energy when cycling. It also means you will avoid back pain and make riding easier on your body. Try several angles. Look for the right size, the right bike for your fitness level and riding experience, and the right model for your age. Do your research before heading to the store, and then ask a lot of questions once you are there.

If price is not an objection, consider buying one that is on the top end of your budget. Cheaper bikes tend to be heavier, which can put an extra burden on your body, especially if you are not in the best shape. You can get a cheap road bike for under $150 US Dollars (USD), but you need to shop around and try several on for size. Once you break the $500 USD barrier, you are bound to get a higher quality road bike, though you could easily spend up to $3,000 or $4,000 USD.


Keep material in mind when choosing a road bike. Steel is affordable, hard-wearing, and easy to repair, but it can also rust if not treated appropriately. Titanium is expensive, but you cannot find any better material for a road bike frame. Titanium gives bikes a special bouncy feeling which many cyclists swear by when it comes to comfort and easiness of riding. Carbon fiber is a new material that only recently has become popular. Carbon fiber makes a road bike extremely light, rust-free, and shock-resistant. Not all road bike brands manufacture models using carbon fiber, but this is an option you should at least consider.


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