What Kinds of Chickens Produce Brown Eggs and what Kinds Produce White Eggs?

The color of an egg is determined by the genetics of the chicken that lays it. As the egg passes through the oviduct, pigments are deposited on the shell, which vary according to the breed and type of chicken. Chickens with red ear lobes usually produce brown eggs, and chickens with white ear lobes usually produce white eggs.

More facts about eggs:

  • Though most chicken eggs are white or brown, one breed of chicken produces bluish-green eggs: the Araucana, a breed of chicken from Chile. These chickens are sometimes called Easter egg chickens because of their colorful eggs.

  • The taste of an egg has nothing to do with its color. An egg's taste is determined by the chicken's diet, not the breed of the chicken or the color of the egg.

  • On average, chickens lay an egg once every 36 hours, though this can differ depending on the breed and the individual chicken.

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