What Is Widely Considered the Worst Day of the Year for pro Sports Fans in the US?

The day after the Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star game is widely considered the worst day of the year for pro sports fans in the US because it’s the only day of the year when there are no live televised sporting events for the four major sports: MLB, National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), or National Hockey League (NHL). All the MLB teams take the day after the All-Star game off, and the other major sports are in the off-season. The Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly (ESPY) Awards have taken place the day after the MLB All-Star Game since 2002 since the lack of games makes athletes more likely to be available to attend.

More about the MLB All-Star Game:

  • The first MLB All-Star Game took place in 1933, and was advertised as the “Game of the Century” and intended to be a one-time event.

  • Center fielder Willie Mays is generally considered to be the best All-Star player of all time, and holds the record for the player with the most runs, hits, triples, and steals in All-Star games.

  • Only 22 rookie players have started in the history of the MLB All-Star Game.

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