What is There to do With Children in Atlanta, Georgia?

Zoo Atlanta includes a giant panda exhibit.
Zoo Atlanta is home to over 1000 animals.
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Atlanta is both Georgia's capital city and the largest city in the state. There are many fun and creative things to do with children in Atlanta. Stone Mountain Park, the Center for Puppetry Arts, Imagine It! Children's Museum, Imagym, Zoo Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium are just some of the wonderful places to go with children in Atlanta.

The Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world. The Aquarium features sea life native to Georgia as well as ocean, river and tropical sea life from around the world. Many visitors feel that they are almost in the water with the fish as they walk through the Georgia Aquarium's tunnel-shaped tanks and look up at fish swimming overhead.

Visiting Zoo Atlanta, in Grant Park, is another one of the great things to do with children in Atlanta. The Zoo has some rides such as the Norfolk Southern Zoo Express Train as well as a petting zoo and a rock climbing feature. Zoo Atlanta has 1,000 animals and 250 species from all over the world and is known for its giant pandas.

Imagym is a play and fitness gym for children aged six to twelve years. Imagym Junior is for younger children aged six months to five years old. The imaginative and fun physical activities are designed to attract and hold children's interest in fitness.


The Imagine It! Children's Museum is a must-see with children in Atlanta up to age six. Learning through play is the museum's theme and there are creative innovative activities to encourage every child's imagination and sense of wonder. The interactive exhibits range from sculpture making and water play to experimenting with engineering activities.

The Center for Puppetry Arts is an interactive puppet museum that has over 350 puppets. The puppets vary from ancient to modern and both head and full body puppets can be found here. The Center for Puppetry Arts also features the imaginative animation techniques that are a part of the art of puppetry.

Stone Mountain Park offers many different things to do with children in Atlanta. The Park has rides on a 1940s locomotive, rock climbing walls and laser shows. There are historic interactive exhibits such as a 1800s antebellum plantation and farmyard exhibit with many sounds as well as sights. Stone Mountain Park also has plenty of space for hiking, picnicking and fishing.


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