What is There to do with Children in Ann Arbor, Michigan?

Children can enjoy summer camp in Ann Arbor.
Domino's Farms is a petting farm which houses horses, pigs and cows.
Ann Arbor is located on the eastern side of Michigan, about 45 miles away from Detroit.
The Exhibit Museum of Natural History in Michigan contains dinosaur-themed exhibits.
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Ann Arbor offers many fun, interesting and educational activities for children. Ann Arbor has two main universities: Eastern Michigan University and The University of Michigan as well as many parks and museums. Exhibit Museum of Natural History, Ann Arbor Hands-On Physical Science Museum, Colonial Lanes, Buhr Park, Leslie Science Center and Domino's Farms are just some of the great places to see with children in Ann Arbor.

Domino's Farms is a petting farm with many different animals such as donkeys, horses, pigs, cows, sheep, goats and llamas. Hayrides and group rates may be available. Domino's Farms is a popular attraction for children in Ann Arbor and the farming demonstrations are both fun and educational. Leslie Science Center is another popular children’s attraction and the Center has summer camp programs for children in Ann Arbor. The Center also has exhibits in the Nature House that relate to natural resources and their use in today’s world.

Buhr Park is a fun place for children in Ann Arbor as well as adults. The Park has picnic areas, a children's playground and a children's pool as well as an ice rink for winter skating. Colonial Lanes in Ann Arbor is a family-oriented recreation and bowling center. It's a favorite with many locals for family pizza nights and kids birthday parties. In addition to bowling lanes, Colonial features a children's game room.


Ann Arbor Hands-On Physical Science Museum has over 250 interactive exhibits as well as science demonstrations. Kids can learn about the science of optics and light, motion, energy, force, health sciences and much more. The Museum has a gallery just for pre-schoolers and the health sciences exhibit includes an actual ambulance on display. The Hands-On Museum is fun and educational for children in Ann Arbor and also has distance learning programs and changing, temporary exhibits. The Exhibit Museum of Natural History, located at the University of Michigan, is another excellent children’s attraction and has fossils, dinosaur-themed exhibits and a planetarium.


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