What Is the Suddenly Slim Diet?

Critics of the Suddenly Slim diet say that it doesn't teach dieters to eat the healthy, low-fat foods that are needed to maintain weight loss.
People who want to lose weight for good need to get frequent aerobic exercise and not over rely on weight-loss supplements.
Avoiding foods that are high in carbs is part of the suddenly slim diet.
Some believe that the supplements used with the Suddenly Slim diet can cause nausea and vomiting.
Drinking green tea may be part of the suddenly slim diet.
The Suddenly Slim Diet uses herbal supplements to promote rapid weight loss.
Critics of the Suddenly Slim diet claim that its herbal supplements have negative side effects.
Suddenly slim supplements may increase a person's blood pressure.
The Suddenly Slim diet is marketed by FirstFitness®, a company that makes dietary supplements.
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The Suddenly Slim diet is a meal replacement diet that relies heavily on herbal supplements for quick weight loss. Marketed by the FirstFitness® diet supplement company, the diet requires the use of proprietary products that contain ingredients such as ephedra, chromium picolinate, green tea, hoodia, dandelion root, chitin, hydroxic acid, cayenne, and L-carnitine. The combination of ingredients used in the supplements is intended to have a thermogenic effect, which means the body temperature is elevated to stimulate the burning of calories and fat loss.

FirstFitness® markets its Suddenly Slim diet programs in packages. Each package includes a different variety of supplements and shakes, and each is tailored to different goals. Among the many packages are those for weight loss and body sculpting, accelerated weight loss, and accelerated weight loss with cleansing.

Some of the Suddenly Slim diet supplements are Reneu, Slim N’ UP, Slim N’ UP Xtreme, and Gone4Good. Body FX is the Suddenly Slim meal replacement shake, and the Trimbolic drink is used as an additional fat-burning stimulant to satisfy the appetite between meals. The supplements are an integral part of the diet and can be expensive. Most variations of the diet program recommend using four to six different supplements and shakes daily.


The Suddenly Slim diet offers vague guidance about which foods can be eaten. FirstFitness® claims the diet can be successful without requiring calorie tracking, fat counting, or carbohydrate counting. The Body FX meal replacement shakes are used in place of food for some meals each day.

Many people using the Suddenly Slim diet report dramatic initial weight loss — sometimes as much as 10 pounds in the first week. Some dieters, however, say that much of this is water weight. Nutritionists claim the body can build immunity to the supplements, causing the body to stop shedding weight, so using the diet to lose a large amount of weight may not be practical.

Critics of the Suddenly Slim diet claim that herbal supplements used for thermogenics typically stimulate the central nervous system and can become addictive. The supplements can cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting, heartburn, overheating, and extreme anxiety. Many doctors say the ephedra included in some of the Suddenly Slim supplements is dangerous because it increases heart rate and blood pressure, and can exacerbate cardiac problems. Nutritionists claim that people who are following the diet don’t learn healthy eating habits since there is no portion control and the diet doesn’t require balanced, healthy meals. They say this makes it difficult for those who lose weight using the diet to keep the weight off once they stop taking the supplements.



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Post 4

I know for sure I can't keep up with this kind of program. I can't afford to lose some food groups. Instead, I am currently taking an appetite suppressant which I find really helpful. I am on prescopodene and it has been helping me manage my weight for about three months now. I am almost near my goal so I am now incorporating an exercise and small changes on my diet to make sure that I don't get pill-dependent. I realized that there are other ways that you can choose in terms of losing weight.

Post 3

i am 42 years old now. Two years ago i hit this program like a fiend. My neighbor went from needing a wheelchair and insulin down 156 lbs, and was running around the block in the afternoon. he was over 400 pounds.

Me, I weighed 239 when i started the 10 day section then went to the 28 day section. I saw 198 on my scale towards the end, 40 pounds in two months. i am not lying. i had a omron pedometer that i connected to my computer each day and was getting 15 to 17 miles walking in each day, two hours morning, two hours in the afternoon and two hours at night.

I felt great, but over

the past two years i put it back on. i have low will power when it comes to food. i am not fat, but at 6ft 1in and 240lbs i am in the obese range and my boyfriend is around 27. this diet program worked for me as a way to start a change in my eating program. I failed because i went back to my old ways.
Post 2

Regarding the portion control and calorie counting, actually Suddenly Slim! is very strict with which foods can be consumed for the first 40 days of the diet. All of these efforts are to change the way the dieter approaches every meal and food in general.

All of this is leading to the dieter being educated well enough by the time they have free rein to choose their foods that they are inclined to make good decisions. Exercise is also highly encouraged and dieters are counseled to exercise several times per week to increase results.

This is the only diet I have ever heard of that attacks weight issues from every angle, not only diet, cleansing and exercise, but also thermogenics, expulsion of toxic build-up and body balancing.

Post 1

Suddenly slim products do not contain ephedra.

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