What is the Sport of Squash?

Squash, which usually involves singles or doubles games, is played in an indoor court surrounded by four walls.
A squash ball is made out of rubber and is typically 4 cm in diameter.
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Squash is a popular racket sport played all over the world. It is played on an indoor court surrounded by four walls. The front wall includes a tin at the bottom that acts like the net in tennis: hitting the ball into the tin ceases play for that rally.

Squash is usually played in a singles game (one player against another) or a doubles game (two against two). Each player is equipped with a racket that is made up of loosely woven but tightened strings within a round or elongate frame. Squash racquets are of similar format but slightly different size/shape to tennis racquets.

An official squash ball is 4cm (approx. 1.5 inches) in diameter; the ball is made out of rubber and is 'squashy'. All balls must be hit against the front wall and play alternates between players until one cannot return a ball to the front wall (or the ball hits the tin).

There are various court dimensions for different circumstances (singles or doubles games), and in different regions of the world. The official court size for singles matches is 9.75m (32 feet) long, 6.4m (21 feet) wide and 4.57m (15 feet) tall at the front wall. The tin is located at the base of the front wall and reaches 48cm (19 inches) high.


Only the server can score points. If the server wins a rally, then a point is scored; a receiver who wins a rally, becomes the server. A squash match is composed of 3 to 5 sets and the winner of each set is the one who is the first to earn 9 points.


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Post 11

If you are interested in getting into squash there are lots of online forums that discuss the sport and can help you with your technique. Often these sites offer places where locals can meet up if you want to play a game with someone and are missing a squash partner.

Your local gym that has a squash court may also have events where players can meet and pair up for matches, or make a commitment to playing on a regular schedule together.

It is a good idea to ask around, as you may be surprised at the number of people that you know that already play this fun sport.

Post 10

Squash is a great exercise for those who want a good cardio workout while having fun. The constant feet shuffling of squash and diving motions to go after the ball keep your body active and help develop your muscle responsiveness.

For someone of average weight playing squash for an hour can burn around 800 calories and is one of the best ways to get your heart working. Using an online calorie-burned calculator can you give you a more exact idea of what you can burn for your height and weight, based on how long you play.

Another good thing about squash is that it requires very little equipment, and most gyms supply rackets and the ball.

Post 9

"how do you serve and does it have to bounce before the opponent can hit it back?"

Reply: you start off by spinning the racket to decide which players starts to serve, when decide you start off in the right box and you have to hit it above the out line and the middle line on the front wall, the ball then has go come back over halfway, but your opponent does not have to choose; they can let it bounce or hit it without it hitting the ground.

Post 7

how do you serve and does it have to bounce before the opponent can hit it back?

Post 6

this was so helpful!

Post 4

Why is it called squash?

Post 3

what skills are needed in Squash

Post 2

You can create and manage squash ranking lists and tournaments online

you can also create and view other players profiles, search for clubs, view statistics and much more!

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