What Is the Relationship Between Wine and Diabetes?

Drinking wine may help lower blood sugar.
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Some studies have shown that wine and diabetes prevention and treatment are heavily linked. Research has indicated that drinking wine every day may help lower blood sugar and even prevent Type 2 diabetes in some individuals. This works due to chemicals found in the wine which break down blood glucose more efficiently.

There have not been many studies completed to link wine and diabetes, so the results are inconclusive until further research has been done. Patients who have participated in these studies have noted lowered blood sugar when compared to those who did not drink wine daily. So far it appears that the properties of wine are as effective as diabetic medications. Supporters of this type of treatment recommend drinking one glass of wine per day.

Many researchers do not believe that wine and diabetes treatments should be combined because of wine’s high calorie content. Since obesity can lead to diabetes over time, those who drink wine daily without making the necessary calorie adjustments elsewhere in their diet may gain weight and actually be more likely to develop diabetes. That said, red wine has other health benefits, such as antioxidants, which prevent cancer and promote heart health. Most studies on red wine suggest that having one serving per day is more beneficial than harmful for the majority of individuals.


There are some who should avoid drinking red wine. Those with an alcohol problem or a history of alcohol abuse should not drink even one serving of wine. Individuals who have alcoholics in their immediate family should only drink with extreme caution.

Despite the positive link between wine and diabetes, patients should not try this remedy without first consulting a medical professional. Those who have already been diagnosed with diabetes should not stop taking their medications until wine has been proven effective. If a diagnosis has not been made, no treatment should be begun without first consulting a health care professional. Other health conditions could cause similar symptoms as type two diabetes.

Studies have been done on red wine, so white wines and other varieties of alcohol may not have the same health boosting effects. Some may not be able to handle alcoholic beverages. Allergic reactions are not common but they can occur and lead to swelling, flushing, and redness. Drinking more than one daily serving of wine or any other alcoholic beverage may lead to health complications such as a dependency on alcohol or liver damage.


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