What is the Most Polluted City in the World?

The most polluted city in the world is Linfin, China. The major cause of the pollution is coal and polluted air particulates. Particle pollution is made up of the dirty particulates in the air, such as what you see in car exhaust. The air is so dirty in Linfin that residents can't hang laundry out to dry because it will turn black.

More Dirty Air Facts:

  • Of the top 20 most polluted cities in the world, 16 are Chinese.

  • The most polluted city in the US, in terms of particle pollution, is Phoenix, Arizona, followed by Bakersfield and Los Angeles, California.

  • In the US, 175 million people, about half of the US population, live in areas where pollution makes the air dangerous to breathe.

  • The US city with the cleanest air in terms of particle pollution is Cheyenne, Wyoming, followed by Santa Fe-Espanola, New Mexico and Honolulu, Hawaii.

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More Info: Time Magazine; American Lung Association

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