What Is the Marine Biome?

Oil spills are a threat to the marine biome.
The marine biome covers three quarters of the Earth.
The circulation patterns in the open ocean move in a horizontal manner and affect the upper surface waters.
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The marine biome includes all the water that is on the earth's surface. It covers three fourths of the earth. There are thousands of animals and plants in the biome. These plants and animals are affected by events in the waters.

The earth's climate does not actually affect the marine biome. The water is warm as you get close to the equator and cold as you get closer to the north and south poles. Since water does not heat up or cool down very quickly, there are only small changes in the biome. While the earth's climate does not drastically affect the marine biome, the marine biome does affect climate over land. Marine currents affect all the coastal areas and the winds usually match the water temperature.

The circulation patterns in the open ocean move in a horizontal manner and affect the upper surface waters. There is also vertical circulation and this has more of an influence on marine life. In the upwelling type of vertical circulation of ocean water, deep ocean water filled with dissolved nutrients travels into coastal surface waters and encourages plankton growth. Plankton, in turn, is the basis of the entire food chain throughout the oceans. In thermohaline circulation, the nutrient-rich waters rise and mix, but only in the polar regions where differences in the temperature, density, and salinity of the ocean water are distinct.


There are serious dangers to the waters of the world and these come from oil spills and water pollution. Off the coast of Alaska, in the Persian Gulf and in the Gulf of Mexico are the worst places for oil spills, which have caused major destruction of wildlife and plants in the marine biome. Dumping of trash and toxic wastes in the ocean by companies is another major issue affecting the world's water sources. Even the laziness of everyday citizens who dump their trash in the ocean is affecting the marine biome.


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