What Is the Chicken to People Ratio in China?

The chicken-to-person ratio in China is 3-to-1: There are about 4.5 billion chickens to about 1.5 billion people. Despite its extremely high chicken population, China does not have the highest chicken-to-person ratio in the world; Brunei has about 40 chickens per person. The global chicken-to-person ratio is about 3-to-1, with the world's average stock of chickens at any given time being about 19 billion chickens.

More facts about livestock populations:

  • Besides chickens, China also has the most pigs and sheep, with more than 450 million pigs and about 125 million sheep.

  • Brazil and India have the most cattle — about 200 million and 170 million head of cattle, respectively. Brazil also has one of the highest cattle-to-person ratios in the world, with slightly more than one cow per person.

  • The country with the highest sheep-to-person ratio in the world is New Zealand, with about 7.5 sheep per person.

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