What Is Squalane Oil?

Olive oil contains squalane, which might explain why the Mediterranean diet has such a low cancer incidence rate.
Squalane oil benefits the skin in many ways, including lightening freckles.
Squalane has been found in ovarian cysts.
Squalane oil is used in skin care products for sun-damaged or wrinkled skin.
Eczema may be improved by using squalane oil.
Squalene was discovered by a Japanese researcher who was studying disease resistance in sharks.
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Squalane oil is used in cosmetics and skin care products to help heal sun-damaged, wrinkled, and discolored skin. Generally, squalane is a refined form of squalene — a substance that is found in shark livers, rice bran, olives, wheat germ, and some vegetable oils. It was discovered in the early 1900s by a Japanese scientist who was researching disease resistance by deep-sea sharks. Squalane oil is rich in antioxidants, can be consumed orally, and may increase the amount of oxygen delivered by the blood to the rest of the body.

Researchers have also found squalene in human sebum — an oily secretion of skin glands. It keeps hair flexible and helps retain moisture on the skin surface. Squalene has also been found in ovarian cysts, and in the covering that protects infants in the uterus — it may play a role in embryo development. The amount of squalene in the body begins to decline when people reach their 20s.

Light, colorless, and odorless in nature, squalane oil is rich in antioxidants. Generally, it is suitable for all skin types in the form of cosmetics and skin care products. Regular use of it is said to help fade fine wrinkles, prevent skin pigmentation, lighten freckles, improve skin texture, make skin softer, and improve eczema. Studies reveal that squalane oil can also regenerate skin cells.


Consumed in the form of shark liver oil through dietary supplements, squalene is said to help the body fight off substances that can damage it, such as free radicals. Free radicals can break down body cells and cause premature aging, organ damage, disease, and cancer. Squalene is also said to increase the amount of oxygen that is transported by the blood to other cells in the body. It is reported to be able to boost the immune system and be a powerful antioxidant. Researchers have also found that certain carcinogens are neutralized when they are exposed to squalene over time.

Extra virgin olive oils typically have a high level of squalene and are considered to have a greater antioxidant effect on the body. Researchers speculate that squalene in olive oil may be the reason why there is a low cancer incidence rate in the Mediterranean diet. Before taking any supplement, it generally is recommended that a person consult with a physician.



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How about amaranth seed oil? It contains more then8% squalene.

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