What Is Spiritual Cleansing?

Self reflection and meditation are important parts of a spiritual cleansing.
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Spiritual cleansing is a way to remove bad energies that are thought to cause negative health and emotional effects from the body. Depending on the tradition, these energies may go by many different names, and the removal or reordering of the energies may be done by a variety of processes. Usually, spiritual cleansing is performed on a person by a trained healer of some sort, but there are some types of spiritual therapies that rely on personal meditative or energy directing skills. Given that the success of this type of therapy is highly dependent on belief in the underlying philosophy, most people who attempt spiritual cleansing are already members of a tradition that uses this type of healing.

Usually what is involved in spiritual cleansing depends on the tradition in which the cleansing occurs. For instance, spiritual cleansing of a New Age type might include generic negative energies being removed from the body, whereas a Christian cleansing might involve purging the body of sinful thoughts. It is important that a person obey the spiritual cleansing protocol of whichever tradition he or she is using. On the other hand, a spiritual cleanse is intended to work solely on the spirit, not on the physical realm, so any spiritual cleanse that involves consuming unusual or unknown substances should be looked upon with suspicion.


Most people find that using a special room for the process facilitates spiritual cleansing. This room may be decorated or arranged in a meaningful way and may have been prepared by cleansing the room of energies. Participants in the cleansing process are often evaluated prior to the cleanse during a consulting session to determine spiritual needs. Proper preparations are very important to a successful cleanse.

During a cleanse performed by a healer, it is common for the person being cleansed to lie down. The healer may then work with the energies in the body in some way, either by directing those energies with his or her hands, by applying talismans, or by any other method. Often, the healer is responsible for guiding visualization exercises for the patient, which helps get rid of negative energy.

Personally directed cleanses may involve chanting or movement of energy, but the responsibility for sensing where those energies lie is placed on the person being cleansed. By meditating or otherwise reflecting, people examine the source of the disturbance and endeavor to correct it. Even when this type of cleanse is performed at home, it is still important to prepare the room and create a special space for the cleanse. By setting apart the experience of the spiritual cleanse from daily life, the process can be more effective.


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