What Is Rose Geranium Essential Oil?

Rose geranium essential oils are used for aromatherapy purposes.
A jar of lotion containing rose geranium essential oil.
Rose geranium essential oil is sometimes used in massages.
Using rose geranium essential oil in the bath may help with cellulite.
Rose geranium essential oil is distilled from the leaves and stalks of the rose geranium plant.
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Rose geranium essential oil is made of extract from the rose geranium, or Pelargonium graveolens, plant. It is frequently used for aromatherapy purposes and is very similar to geranium essential oil except for the scent, which is rosier. The leaves and stalks of the rose geranium plant are typically used for making the oil, which may be created through steam distillation. Most types of rose geranium essential oil have no color, but it may occasionally have a light green shade. The oil could be beneficial for balancing the hormones, relieving depression, and clearing up skin problems.

Many women claim to have had good luck using rose geranium essential oil for dealing with anxiety related to monthly premenstrual symptoms. It may also be useful for correcting irregular and heavy periods. In most cases, women who use this type of oil for hormonal balance dilute it in their bathwater. Using rose geranium essential oil in the bath may also help with cellulite, water retention, and hemorrhoids. To get the full benefits of the aroma, it is typically necessary to take a bath in very hot water to more effectively draw out the fragrance of the oil.


Some people believe that rose geranium essential can boost the overall state of mind, which could be beneficial for people who suffer from extreme stress or depression and anxiety. The scent has been described as fresh and invigorating, which may be a mood booster for many people. If the oil is used for this purpose, the results may be best achieved with vapor therapy. This should send the aroma throughout the desired area of the home or office, which might help to increase happiness levels not only for the person in need of a mood boost, but everyone else who may come in contact with the smell.

Rose geranium essential oil can also be applied directly to the skin to help clear up acne, eczema, and bruises. Applying the oil to insect bites might also help them heal up faster. There are creams and lotions containing the oil that many people use when they want help with skin troubles such as these. It is also used for massage and may have either a stimulating or calming effect when used for this purpose. Rose geranium essential oil is generally considered non-toxic and safe for everyone, but it may be best for pregnant women to avoid using it because of its possible effect on hormones.


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