What Is Rock Deodorant?

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Rock deodorant is a term used to describe mineral-based deodorant products that generally come in crystal form. These items stop people from smelling bad when sweating by killing bacteria that feed on sweat. Many people who market rock deodorant products claim that they are much safer than many antiperspirants because they don’t stop a person from sweating, which might be an important part of the body’s waste-disposal process. Companies that offer antiperspirants dispute this claim, and scientific studies on the issue aren’t generally conclusive.

When applying rock deodorant, people are generally required to wet either the stone or the part of the body it will be applied to. Moisture helps dissolve the substance the stone is made of and leaves a residue on the skin. Most rock deodorant products don’t have any kind of odor, and the ultimate effect is simply to make someone’s sweat odorless. According to most reports, rock deodorant is effective in the area of keeping the sweat from becoming smelly. Usually one application of the product is designed to last for a whole day.


One of the advantages claimed for rock deodorants is economic. The stones often come in many different sizes, and sometimes a person can buy a single stone that will last a whole year. This generally allows for significant savings compared to most conventional deodorants and antiperspirants. Many of the companies that offer rock deodorant also offer other products that use the same minerals, but work in a more conventional fashion. For example, they may offer roll-on containers and sprays, but these don’t generally offer any economic advantage over conventional deodorants.

One of the most common claims about rock deodorant products is that they are healthier. There are many reasons offered for this, including the fact that most of the products don’t contain any synthetic substances and the fact that they allow sweating which can potentially help eliminate toxins from the body. There are some studies that suggest that chemical deodorants may be linked to various disorders and diseases, but they generally have very small sample sizes, and they aren’t considered statistically significant by most scientific standards.

Some people avoid rock deodorant products because they still allow sweat marks to appear on clothing. There are also people who prefer commercial deodorant products, which work by masking sweat smells with perfumes. Fans of rock deodorant say the product is superior to perfuming products because it doesn’t contain chemicals and it won’t interfere with any other cosmetic scent products an individual may want to use.


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