What Is Rice Cheese?

Rice cheese is often stored in the refrigerated dairy section of gourmet grocery stores and vegetarian markets.
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Rice cheese is a cheese substitute made from rice products. Being both lactose-free and soy-free, it is popular among consumers who are allergic to or choose not to consume dairy products. It's different from other cheese substitutes that typically are made from soybeans, making it a better choice for those with both a dairy and a soy allergy, or those who do not eat dairy but do not favor soy cheeses.

The ingredients in rice cheese include rice, oils, cheese-flavored seasonings, and, in some cases, casein. Casein is a protein much like gluten, which is found in wheat products, and is used as a binding agent to hold the rice and oils together. It is a milk protein, but it is used in such small amounts that typically doesn't bother those with dairy allergies, and the cheese is still usually labeled as lactose-free. People who choose not to use any animal products may want to check carefully to make sure that the cheese they choose does not contain this protein, however.

This variety of cheese is typically found in gourmet grocery stores, health shops, or vegan-/vegetarian-focused food stores. It is often stored in the refrigerated dairy section of these markets and comes in a variety of conventional flavors, including cheddar and mozzarella. The cheese is often sold in brick form for immediate cutting and consuming, but it can also be sold grated or pre-sliced.


Consumers are able to enjoy the rice cheese just like regular cheeses. It can be melted, shredded, baked, and eaten straight just like any other type, and it can serve as a substitute for other varieties. This makes it even more ideal for those who at one point in their lives enjoyed the taste of cheese but no longer consume dairy.

Rice cheese is distinctive for its smooth texture, which is much like the texture of soy products, like silken tofu. It is different than other cheeses, including other cheese substitutes, because it has an added flavor of rice that many people enjoy.


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Post 6

I have been to many health food stores and high end grocery stores but I cannot ever remember seeing rice cheese. I am pretty intrigued by the idea. I am severely lactose intolerant and have not been able to eat real cheese for almost 5 years now.

I have learned to live without it but I can't deny that I get some pretty serious cravings from time to time. If there was a good substitute I could work that into my diet and hopefully never think about milk cheese again.

Post 5

I have been vegan for about three years now and I have never been able to find a good cheese substitute. The choices seem to range from bad to awful. None of them comes close to the flavor of cheese to say nothing of the texture.

But your know what, that is not a problem for me. I think if you are going to go vegan or vegetarian you should make a total break. Instead of eating fake meat or cheese, try to cut them out of your diet entirely.

Post 4

Halifax, Nova Scotia Planet Organic sells rice cheese!

Post 3

can't seem to find it in canada! might have to drive over the border. What's wrong here!

Post 2

how is rice cheese made?

Post 1

Where can I order it online and what stores in Canada sell it?

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