What Is Red Lemonade?

Red lemonade is popular to use as a drink mixer in Ireland.
The Irish often use red lemonade as a mixer for different types of whiskey.
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Red lemonade is a sweet, fizzy, lemon-flavored drink that is most commonly associated with the country of Ireland. Even though this beverage is red and not pale yellow or white like most traditional types of lemonade, it does still have a lemon-flavored taste. The actual ingredients are normally kept secret by many of the companies that produce it, but some of the cheaper varieties tend to use artificial sweeteners for flavoring rather than actual sugar.

The Irish often use red lemonade as a mixer for different types of whiskey, although some people do use it as a stand-alone drink. Red lemonade is so popular to use as a drink mixer in Ireland that the majority of pubs have it available on tap for their patrons. In addition to the red form of this drink, white and brown lemonade also exist in Ireland.

In Ireland, white lemonade generally refers to a clear, carbonated lemonade. Unlike the red variety, white lemonade is typically available in most countries, although the Irish may be the only group of people who refer to it as white. Many people make white lemonade at home out of lemons, water, and sugar, and it is also possible to buy it ready-made. Some types of ready-made white lemonade are carbonated, while other types are not. Homemade white lemonade is typically not carbonated.


Brown lemonade is another type of lemonade that is normally found only in the country of Ireland. The primary difference between the red and brown variety is the color, and most people report that the two drinks taste almost exactly the same. Brown lemonade is also not as widely available in Ireland as the red variety. People who want this drink typically have to travel to northern Ireland to get it, whereas the red kind is generally available throughout the entire country.

There have been a few stories in the country of Ireland surrounding red lemonade. Many people began to believe that the secret ingredient used to make it red might actually cause cancer, and some people thought that the reason it is available only in Ireland is because all other countries have banned it. Another story circulated that had many people believing that their cars could actually run on the beverage. Both of these stories turned out to be false.


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Last summer when I was on vacation I tried Irish red lemonade at an Irish restaurant. It was very good, but I think I prefer traditional lemonade without the fizz.

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