What Is Parasite Cleaning?

Freshly ground cloves can be used to help eliminate parasites.
A parasite clean should be done around the full moon, when parasites are most active.
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Parasite cleaning is the process of eliminating parasites from the body. It can be done with conventional medicines as well as with natural remedies. Treatments and parasite cleanses are designed to kill off and eliminate the parasites at the adult and developing stages. An effective treatment, or parasite cleanse will also focus on destroying the parasitic eggs to hasten the cleaning process.

During the parasite cleaning process, the parasites are either poisoned or forced to leave the body via natural cleansing methods. In general, they leave the body through the stool, but they can also leave through skin outbreaks. Crawling sensations, fatigue, and digestive problems are common signs that the parasites are leaving the body.

In alternative medicine, parasite cleaning is done with natural remedies and parasite cleanses. These cleanses are designed to purge all parasites and unhealthy bacteria and toxins from the body in order to prevent a future infestation. A colon cleanse is recommended prior to a parasite cleanse, as that opens the doorway for the parasites to leave the body more efficiently. It is also recommended to begin the parasite cleanse around the full moon. This is the time of the month when the parasites tend to be most active, and thus the efforts of the cleanse may be more effective.


The three main herbs that are used in alternative therapy include black walnut hulls, wormwood, and cloves. The black walnut hulls and wormwood are effective for killing off the parasites at all stages, and the cloves help to kill the parasitic eggs before they hatch. These herbs are available separately as well as in parasite cleansing kits for convenience. This type of parasite cleaning can take anywhere from one to eight weeks until all the parasites have left the body. In some cases, depending on the type of parasite, it can take even longer.

Conventional medicine offers specific drugs for different types of parasites. Some of the parasitic drugs are quite strong, and therefore, they should only be taken under the care of a physician. Depending on what type of parasites are present in the body, the treatment can be administered in a single dose, or it can be taken for several weeks until the parasites are gone. These treatments are effective when taken as prescribed and taken in conjunction with a healthy diet.

A healthy diet to assist parasite cleaning consists of plenty of antiparasitic foods, which include spicy foods such as hot peppers, garlic, and cayenne pepper. Plenty of fluids are also essential in helping to flush the parasites from the body. In addition, there are certain foods that should be avoided during parasite cleaning as they can potentially feed the parasites. Any type of sugar, including refined sugar and sugar substitutes, should be avoided. Breads and pastas, along with processed foods and unhealthy saturated fats, can also hinder the parasite cleaning process.


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