What Is Oxygenated Water?

Water in the lungs is an unpleasant sensation.
There is as yet no proof that drinking oxygenated water offers health benefits.
Most of the oxygen in a bottle of oxygenated water will escape when the bottle is opened.
Science does not support claims that drinking oxygenated water makes exercise more effective.
Oxygenated water has additional oxygen added to it under pressure.
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Oxygenated water is water that has had additional oxygen introduced into the water under pressure. Among the benefits that are touted for oxygen water is that by drinking oxygen water, a person will have more oxygen pumped into the blood stream. There is no scientific evidence that oxygenated drinking water has any benefits.

Water is created by a combination of hydrogen and oxygen. More than half of the human body consists of water. People need to consume fluids such as water to stay hydrated and healthy. Lack of water in the human body can lead to dehydration and ultimately, death.

Oxygen is also a necessary for human life. The human body absorbs the oxygen from the air through the lungs. From there, oxygen ultimately joins red blood cells in the blood stream where the cells carry the oxygen to be used throughout the body. Blood can absorb much more oxygen than can water.

Proponents of oxygenated water believe that it can increase energy because more oxygen will enter the blood stream. In addition, this water is said to help prevent cancer, prevent viral infections and prevent bacterial infections. Oxygenated water is also supposed to help boost the immune system, help the body absorb prescription medications more effectively and improve digestion.


Oxygenated water is often marketed to those interested in physical fitness. In this case, it is supposed to make exercising more effective because of the increased levels of oxygen available in the body. As an additional health benefit, it is said to help dissolve fatty tissues.

Science does not support the claims that oxygenated water manufacturers promise. Biology shows that oxygen is absorbed into the body through the lungs. Water is absorbed through the body through the digestive system. Most people who have ingested water into their lungs find the sensation unpleasant because the lungs are not designed to absorb water. As with water in the lungs, oxygen is unlikely to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the digestive system.

It is also not possible for water to absorb enough oxygen to make a difference even if oxygen could be absorbed into the body along with water. Human beings can absorb more oxygen in one breath than the amount of oxygen that can be pressurized into water. In addition, when the bottle of oxygenated water is opened, much of the oxygen in the bottle will escape into the air. Oxygen may also escape through the plastic bottle while the bottle is sitting on the shelf before being purchased.



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Post 3

@irontoenail - Actually most people do get enough water. It's only after exercise that you really need all that much more and most people who exercise are well aware of the fact.

People guzzle water now as though it will cure all their ills and to some extent that's a good thing, because you should try to stay hydrated, but after a certain point you're doing more harm than good.

A lot of vitamins are water soluble and when you drink too much water they get flushed from your system too quickly. B vitamins for example, which most people don't get enough of as it is, since they are mostly found in fresh vegetables.

I personally would give the oxygenated water a miss and would try upping my intake of green leafy vegetables if I wanted to feel better and do better at sports.

Post 2

@browncoat - I had never heard of oxygenated water before, except maybe the water in a fish tank, which often does need to be oxygenated. I guess that's where they come up with it, since it seems to work under the same principal.

Couldn't you just do the same thing by shaking a bottle of ordinary water though? That's how they get oxygen into the water for fish, they just stir up the water.

It seems a bit silly to me, but you know, anything that gets people drinking more water has to be a good thing.

Post 1

This just seems like yet another attempt to get people to spend money on something that they don't need, and that furthermore doesn't actually work.

Oxygenated bottled water has no basis in science, but I'm sure if they do enough cool looking advertisements they can get people to buy it. I think it's really sad, actually, since this seems almost blatantly false advertising, and there must have been someone, somewhere who sat down and decided to market this product, even though they know it has no real benefits.

And, in fact, since it's sold in bottles, it's bad for the environment, as plastic bottles are becoming one of the worst offenders when it comes to littering. People buy so much water in general, when it really isn't any different from the stuff you get from the tap (and in some cases, it actually is water that's been got from a tap!).

It makes me sad and it makes me angry that people actually sell this stuff as though it was something special, when in reality it's no different from what anyone can get for free.

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