What Is Organic Lip Gloss?

Lip gloss may provide a tint to the lips.
Some lip gloss are organic.
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Organic lip gloss is a cosmetic made from organic ingredients that imparts a sheen to the lips. Depending on the brand and type of organic lip gloss, the product may also add color to the lips and contain moisturizing ingredients. Lip gloss is made in many different types and textures, including pot gloss, liquid gloss and gloss that comes in stick form. The degree to which ingredients in a particular organic lip gloss are, in fact, organically grown, depends on its manufacturer as well as the policies of the organization that certifies the organic status of the product.

People wear lip gloss for a variety of reasons. Many find the look of a shiny lip to be sensuous and attractive, and others may appreciate the moisturizing properties of a particular gloss. Manufacturers of lip cosmetics typically sell lip gloss in many different shades, including a clear lip gloss that has no color at all. Individuals may choose to wear clear lip gloss on its own or over a matte lip color. Colored lip glosses can range from deeply pigmented shades to very light tints, though all will have a glossy shine.


A product sold as organic lip gloss may contain a variety of different ingredients, some or all of which are grown according to organic standards. It should be noted that while the term “organic” is generally understood to describe sustainable agricultural processes that do not make use of chemical fertilizers or insecticides, determinations of whether an ingredient or product is actually organic are often made by independent organic certification agencies. Organic lip gloss may contain ingredients that were grown in accordance with organic principles, but this does not mean that the product does not contain inorganic ingredients as well.

Some cosmetic industry experts also note that the presence of organic ingredients in a cosmetic does not necessarily mean the product will perform better. For example, it is quite possible for an organic lip gloss to contain organic oil of peppermint, which can be a very irritating ingredient and can contribute to dry, chapped lips. Given the processing that ingredients must go through in order to be used in the cosmetic, it is also very unlikely that any trace of toxins used in their growth will actually be passed onto the consumer. On the other hand, many consumers may choose organic lip gloss out of concern for the environment and workers who may suffer ill effects from the use of various toxic chemicals while planting, tending and harvesting various cosmetic ingredients.


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