What is Network Cable?

Coaxial cable is typically used for creating networks and cable TV installation.
Wireless routers and other components are making it possible to operate a network with fewer cables.
Many computer users are familiar with the Ethernet cable, because that's what they plug into their computer or high-speed modem to connect to the Internet.
A network interface card (NIC), which connects to a network cable.
Coaxial cable is a common type of network cable.
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Network cable is used to connect and transfer data between computers and a network. There are different types of it, and the appropriate type to use will depend on the structure and topology of your network. The most commonly used types are the twisted pair, coaxial, Ethernet cross over, and fiber optic.

The unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable is used in many Ethernet networks. It has four pairs of wires that are housed inside of the lining of the cable. Each pair is twisted into several additional twists to prevent interference from other devices on the network. The structure of this type of cable increases its reliability and helps minimize network failures.

Coaxial cable, or coax, is another common type of network cable. It has a copper conductor in its center and a plastic coating serves as an insulator between the center conductor and a metal shield. The cable is then covered with a coating. The coating may be think or thick — the thicker coating which less pliable provides extra protection.

Ethernet crossover cable is used to connect a computer network made up of two or more computers. This type of network cable eliminates the need for network switches or routers. The cable also allows the computers to be connected using their network adaptors, such as the network interface card (NIC).


Fiber optic network cables are used for networks that span large distances. As a result, this type of cabling has several layers of protective coating. It also transmits light as opposed to electrical signals like other cables. This makes it an ideal cable for network environments that are exposed to large amounts of electrical interference. It also transmits information at high speeds and is therefore used in large network environments like those used by big businesses.

As wireless networks become more and more popular, network cable is becoming less necessary. Still, many systems, especially large scale systems, continue to rely on network cables.



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Post 4

the other important thing to remember about selecting the proper ethernet cable to connect your cable modem to router or your DSL modem to your router is to ensure that you have the right kind of category of cabling.

While most modems only have a 100 Mb per second network capability, connections between the router and other computers can be capable of more speed depending on the make and model and the manufacturer.

1 Gb per second routers cables and network interface adapters are available on the market to help speed up things like file transfers. In the case that you have equipment people of this kind of network speeds will need to ensure you have at least a Cat-5e network cable or a Cat-6 network cable.

If you intend to use a Cat-5 network cable you only be able to achieve 100 Mb per second speeds on your network.

Post 3

When you are in a circumstance where you absolutely need to use the network cable wiring I suggest the use of a network cable tester to ensure that your connections are properly working.

There is nothing more frustrating been hooking up every single cable went to realize there is still a bad connection somewhere along the line.

Trying to create an RJ-45 network cable is also a challenging task. Ensuring that the twisted-pair copper wiring is properly inserted into the connecting pieces can be very grueling.

Often, it takes several attempts to ensure that the network cable is in a proper working order. There were cables have been properly designed with color coatings and patterns to aid in the process of connecting the pieces. You will still need however, to use a specialized RJ-45 network cable crimper.

Post 2

The most of the modern-day consumer will ever use an ethernet cable or any type of network cable for is to connect their modem to the router otherwise all of our devices are now coming standard with wireless connectivity.

Unless there is some specific reason that you're using a network cable for instance such as high-speed gaming fast file transferring or large workloads on the network wireless connections are capable of producing all the speed and connectivity that consumer will need.

Post 1

With a variety of network cables that are available it is difficult to make sure you find the right one for your connection.

Luckily because the standardization of network cables has recently come into line with the needs of consumers, manufacturers of network devices have started to use the ethernet cable as their main way of connecting between devices.

While they still can cost a large so the money most network cables come for free from devices that you need. Only when you have to run large links of ethernet cable when you encounter large costs and the use of contractors to do the installations.

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