What Is Moose Tracks® Ice Cream?

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Moose Tracks® ice cream is a flavor sold by Denali Brand ice cream. It is branded under the Denali Originals division and is the copyright of Denali Flavors, Inc. The family of flavors is categorized by the underlying ingredient of chocolate or peanut butter bits scattered throughout the ice cream for texture, flavor, and visual enhancement.

The chunks within the Moose Tracks® ice cream are indeed meant to resemble physical moose tracks from the wild. The name caught on with consumers and led to strong sales of the original flavor, so more flavors of the Moose Tracks® family were added. The brand is run by a husband and wife team who uses independent dairies to manufacture their ice cream. They are known as one of the most successful ice cream flavors in the United States of America.

Moose Tracks® ice cream caught on in popularity in the mid-90s. While the brand is based around Moose Tracks®, it has over 30 flavors in total. Moose Tracks® ice cream is available in most grocery stores and convenience shops in the USA.


There are six types of Moose Tracks® ice cream. A few of the more popular options include Original Moose Tracks®, Chocolate Moose Tracks®, and Extreme Moose Tracks®. Bear Foot Brownie is a similar flavor sold under the brand, but it is not officially considered Moose Tracks®; it consists of vanilla ice cream with chewy brownie bits. Some flavors have only one type of candy treat mixed into the ice cream, while others have a combination. The candy can involve peanut butter or chocolate and and sometimes both.

Original Moose Tracks® ice cream consists of peanut butter cups and Moose Tracks® fudge. Chocolate Moose Tracks® is very similar but includes chocolate ice cream in place of the vanilla. A slightly different variation, Extreme Moose Tracks® is also made with chocolate ice cream and fudge but includes fudge-filled cups in place of the peanut butter.

There is a store locater available online to find the nearest distributor of Moose Tracks® ice cream. Moose Tracks® also has a strong PR team behind the product, scoring ice cream spots on local and national news. The brand has also run campaigns to donate money to charities, while sponsoring triathlons and other community events. Their official Web site has a news archive of the media stories involving the Moose Tracks® product. Moose Tracks® also has a popular merchandise line of apparel and accessories.


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