What Is Milk Soap?

Goat's milk soap may be used to treat and prevent acne.
Coconut milk soap has a high amount of fatty acids, which can hydrate the skin.
A bar of milk soap.
A pitcher of milk, which is used to make milk soap.
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Milk soap is soap that contains a certain type of milk. Typically, goat's milk is used to prepare milk soap but coconut milk can also be used. These soaps are not prepared the way most commercial soaps are because they only contain natural ingredients. Many of these soaps don't contain harsh chemicals, so they are less likely to dry out the skin. Milk soap can be an alternative if chemically made soaps are causing skin difficulties or irritations.

People who suffer with allergies and skin problems including eczema or psoriasis may find milk soap more soothing than other types of soap. These soaps contain glycerin, which is known for keeping the skin hydrated because it naturally attracts water. Glycerin can soften and sooth the skin and it can decrease the chances for future skin problems. Some milk soaps do not contain perfumes, which are also known for irritating sensitive skin. It is also safe for an infant’s tender new skin.

Acne is an unsightly skin condition that can result in pus-filled skin eruptions. Conventional soap may strip the skin of natural oils and because it is so harsh, it can also irritate these eruptions, increasing the severity of the outbreaks. Goat's milk soap contains natural proteins that can kill acne-causing bacteria without removing the essential oils. These oils are important because they protect the skin and pores and reduce the chances of pore blockage.


Essential oils can be added to goat's milk soap to increase the potency. Depending on the oil used, this can produce varying effects. Citrus extracts can help to boost energy and lavender extracts can have a relaxing or calming effect. Typically these added oils will not irritate the skin or cause skin eruptions because they are used in their purest form.

Coconut milk soap is another alternative for people with sensitive skin, but it is a bit different than goat's milk. It completely cleanses the skin but it also contains a high amount of fatty acids, which can hydrate the skin. The coconut milk contains Vitamin E and natural exfoliates. Vitamin E can help to repair damaged skin and it is also a good way to prevent the premature aging of the skin. This important vitamin has antioxidant properties, which fight off free radicals and the harmful effects of pollution, smoking, and sun damage.


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