What is Link Text?

Link text is the words on a webpage that are also a hyperlink to another page.
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Link text is, quite simply, the words on a webpage that are also a hyperlink to another page. Convention dictates that the font of some link text is almost always underlined and often in a different color from the main body of text. It simply refers to any word or phrase which is also a clickable link to a paragraph further down on the same page or within the same site, or to another location on the internet.

The link does not have to be a complete word. In fact, it can be letters, numbers, or symbols, such as $$. A picture or graphic can be an image link. While the color or font may vary, the secret is that it is an actual link, not just a different colored word. Whatever happens to fit or flow with the page on which it is displayed qualify as link text.

One way to think of this text is like books popular with young people that allow the reader to choose what the character in the story will do. Following link text from one webpage to another is similar to those stories: clicking on the link is what allows users to navigate the internet, via a web of connected links.


Link text is one of the many handy tools at a digital publisher's disposal these days, and it certainly makes surfing the internet much simpler. As an alternative to typing the full address of a destination on the web, clickable links are an obvious improvement. The time involved would add up quickly, thus reducing the available time online and inevitably detract from the enjoyment itself. Having the ability to click from one site to another makes life much simpler.

As another example, once upon a time, reading through any technical article meant either comprehending the vocabulary, or grabbing a dictionary. In this day and age, when the writer is on the reader’s side, writers provide assistance through the use of link text. That five dollar word can be made clickable, thus opening a pop-up window with the definition right there.


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