What Is Interpersonal Skills Training?

Conflict resolution is an important part of interpersonal skills training.
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Interpersonal skills training is business education designed to improve communication skills with other people. People who take such trainings will learn a variety of communication techniques, in addition to developing assertiveness, negotiation skills, conflict resolution skills, and cultural sensitivity. All of these skills can be useful in a business setting. Seminars providing personal skills training are offered all over the world and the costs vary, depending on the length of the seminar, the trainer, and the setting. Some employers will pay for employees interested in taking such training, as an investment in employee development.

People apply interpersonal skills to a wide variety of interactions, from talking to coworkers about a project to selling a plan to clients. People with good interpersonal skills tend to be more successful in business. They can interact more effectively with coworkers, management and subordinates, in addition to establishing business networking connections more efficiently, landing clients, and retaining existing clients.

Taking an interpersonal skills training course allows people to develop stronger and more consistent interpersonal skills. People who have difficulty in social settings can benefit from such courses, as can people who are changing careers, and people who are interested in cultivating a set of strong skills useful for success in the business world. At the course, people will have an opportunity to practice in a variety of settings and scenarios, applying their skills in an environment where they are not under pressure.


Content at interpersonal skills training can be offered over the course of several hours or days. It usually requires attending classes to interact personally with instructors and other students. Courses designed for specific applications are available, such as interpersonal skills training offered to people who are preparing to travel in a country with a different culture, or trainings designed to help people develop conflict resolution skills to keep their workplaces harmonious.

The quality of such courses varies. Reviews are often available at third party sites to give people an idea of the kind of training offered. It can help to talk to people who have taken interpersonal skills training to see if they have any recommendations or warnings. People may also want to weigh issues like cost of attendance, including food and housing if the class is far from home, when considering which course is most likely to suit their needs. Some training companies will bring classes to the workplace by request; if enough employees are interested and their employers are willing to sponsor them, it may be possible to take interpersonal skills training in the office.


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