What Is Included on a Home Inspection Check List?

Chimneys will be inspected during a home inspection.
Home inspectors will check for proper drainage elements of a house, including downspouts.
Quality of doors may be included on a home inspection check list.
The inspector will note any cracks in walls or ceilings on his inspection form.
The exterior condition of a home should be inspected.
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A home inspection check list is an essential piece of paper that every aspiring homeowner should not only keep, but examine closely to reflect on its information. After all, home inspection forms are designed to be thorough; the problems may be minor and easily fixable or they may be too costly to warrant purchasing the house. The information a home inspector adds to the check list is invaluable because this is a professional inspection report. A home inspection check list should include all the parts of the house, top to bottom, inside and out. Not only that, the inspection list should cover the lot itself plus any buildings, decks or driveways on the property.

Garages, sheds and barns should all be included in a home inspection as should balconies, porches and entranceways. The home inspector will report on the structural safety of these property features in appropriate areas on the check list. The condition of the lot itself should also be listed somewhere on a home inspection check list with inspector's notes given about the drainage quality of the property, such as whether it is safely away from the house. Wells and water lines must also be checked.


Mention of all exterior parts of the house should be included on a home inspection check list. The shape the roof is in is extremely important because if it needs replacing this could mean a major expense for the homebuyer. The home inspector should also comment on the condition of the chimney and gutters. Whether the home has stucco or siding, the condition of both the exterior walls and trim should be included on the home inspection list.

Both the interior sections and the various systems of a house must be included on home inspection forms. The systems include electrical, heating, air conditioning and plumbing. The attic and the basement should be thoroughly checked over. The quality and efficiency of attic insulation should be noted on the inspection check list as should the condition of the basement. Any moisture problems and whether the basement is finished, partially finished or unfinished should also be noted.

The foundation of a house is its main support system and therefore is an important part of any inspection. A home inspection form allows the inspector to note whether any cracks in walls or ceilings are surface or structural flaws as this can make a huge difference in a home buying decision. The strength, safety and quality of all of the doors and windows in a house should be included on the inspection checklist. Flooring and ceilings in every room must be inspected carefully.

A home inspection check list should allow for detailed notes from the inspector about kitchens and bathrooms. The quality of the plumbing, appliances, cabinets and countertops should be mentioned. Inspectors should note whether bathroom or kitchen remodeling or just minor repairs are needed.


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