What Is Holistic Weight Loss?

Green tea can boost metabolism, which is good for weight loss.
Maintaining healthy eating habits and a routine exercise program will likely aid any weight loss endeavor.
A holistic weight loss plan can rid the body of toxins and help promote weight loss.
Hypnotherapy can use the hypnotized state to instill a change in thinking concerning unhealthy eating habits.
Spirulina is a highly nutritious herbal supplement that can be incorporated into a holistic weight loss regime.
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Holistic weight loss utilizes different methods of healing that promote natural weight loss by healing both the body and mind. The techniques involve detoxifying the body, hypnotherapy, meditation, exercise, herbal remedies and holistic weight loss supplements. During the program, the body is cleansed from harmful toxins to help jump-start the weight loss process. Then a healthy diet is implemented, which might include the use of diet pills or supplements. The mind is also cleared from negative emotions, stress and other factors that hinder the body's ability to lose weight.

Studies show that a toxic body can slow down the weight loss process and in some cases can make it nearly impossible to lose weight. Therefore, a holistic approach might be helpful because it helps rid the body of those harmful toxins. The colon is usually considered the best place to start, because that is where the most toxins accumulate. After that, other organs such as the kidneys, liver and blood also can be cleansed in order for better health and quicker weight loss results. Weight loss cleansing can be done with a detox diet or a cleansing kit.


After the body is cleansed, a healthy diet and plenty of fluids are essential to help keep the body clean. Holistic weight loss supplements or herbal weight loss remedies can be used to help restore nutrients back to the body. Proper nutrients are important because they help the body combat food cravings. Enzyme supplements also help in holistic weight loss, because they can help improve digestion, burn fat and increase energy levels. Herbal weight loss remedies might include green tea, cayenne pepper and bitter orange.

Hypnotherapy is another holistic approach that can help in natural weight loss. It helps to break unhealthy eating habits and replaces them with healthy habits that will help with weight loss. Studies have shown that stress and emotional problems can determine the choice of foods as well as the amount of food that is consumed. Meditation and hypnotherapy techniques can help eliminate those negative feelings and restore a healthy relationship between emotions and food.

Another effective strategy for holistic weight loss is exercise. Breaking a sweat several times per week can help eliminate toxins via the sweating mechanism. Energy levels are also increased, because the body is able to convert food into energy faster with regular exercise. Additionally, exercise can help numb emotional or physical pain by releasing natural endorphins into the body.


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