What is Edam Cheese?

Mild Edam pairs well with cherries.
Edam cheese is often served with wine, and pairs well with a number of types.
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Dutch Edam cheese is nothing new. In fact, this cheese was once one of the most popular cheeses around. Today, it is still considered very high quality and gourmet.

This cheese once saved the economy of Edam, a town in the Netherlands. Up until the 18th century, it dominated the cheese market. Despite its age, today's Edam cheese is healthier and milder than the older versions. The Food Network describes this cheese as mellow, while others often call the cheese nutty and mild. Some types have a salty taste, while other types have a bland flavor. it is generally dry, smooth in texture and is semi-soft.

Diners and chefs can identify Edam by its pale, yellowish color. It comes both in a cheese ball and brick form, and is wrapped in a jacket of wax that has a red or yellow color to it.

Edam cheese is made from reduced fat cow's milk. The milk is pasteurized with lactic starter. Once the whey has been drained out, the curds are stirred and salt added.

Per 100 grams, Edam cheese has 27 grams of fat and 25 grams of protein. This cheese is high in calcium, sodium and phosphorus. It also has some retinum, Vitamin A and choline. Like most cheeses, it is also a great source of calcium.


If covered in wax, Edam does not need to be refrigerated. Once unwrapped, however, it should be covered in order to prevent it from drying out. Of course, even if it is covered in wax, cheese should not be placed in a very hot room or a room with a lot of sunlight, to avoid spoiling.

Edam is a cheese that goes well with wine. The mild version of this cheese pairs best with sweeter fruits like cherries. The typical cheese fruits are recommended for more aged versions. Edam cheese is also consumed with other cheese foods such as crackers and sandwiches,but it can also be used to make more specialized recipes.

Edam can be formed into balls, rinds, bread, sticks and crisps. This type of cheese can be used to create fritters. This cheese is also great when melted over potatoes and pastas. Crepes and cheese pie are great for those interested in baking. This cheese is also great for cheese soup and cheese sauces of all kinds.


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Post 3

The reason is Edam is so widely available is that the Dutch sensibly ship it out. They know the value of a cheese which feels and tastes like a squash ball.

Post 2

I know someone who was living in a region of Europe with very little cheddar cheese, and she often used edam cheese to substitute in recipes, because the taste can sometimes be similar. However, she found that this did not always work, because many edam cheeses do not melt as well as cheddar or emmental varieties.

Post 1

Edam cheese is very popular in Europe, more so than it is in the United States. While it is easy to find and buy edam cheese, though, it is hard to know what you're getting. Most kinds of edam I have found in Europe were the very mild variety; however, many were also much less soft than I had expected. I think that in some regions of Europe, at least, Edam is a bit of a catch-all term, just like emmental can be, and varieties can differ a lot.

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