What Is Clitoris Enlargement?

Women may undergo a clitoromegaly, or clitoris enlargement, to increase sexual pleasure.
Female body builders may experience clitoris enlargement due to steroid use.
Some women have clitoral enlargement naturally because of a genetic abnormality.
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The term “clitoris enlargement” typically refers to a form of intentional female body modification that is designed to extend the length and width of the clitoris. The term can also be applied to a genetic abnormality known as a macroclitoris, which causes baby girls to be born with large protrusions or swellings on or around the clitoral region. Women who intentionally try to enlarge this part of their body are usually trying to increase their sexual pleasure; the clitoris is one of the most sensitive and excitable parts of the female body. Some women use pumps to try to enlarge the space themselves, or they may also undergo hormone therapy to encourage growth. In some cases enlargement can also be a result of steroid abuse, and it isn’t always intentional in these cases.


A pump is usually the simplest method for women to achieve clitoris enlargement, sometimes also known as clitoromegaly. These devices are widely available to purchase online or in some adult-oriented shops and can be used at home. Results of using one of these devices can vary based on individual anatomy, the frequency and rigor of use, and existing clitoris size.

They work by putting pressure on the tissues surrounding the clitoris, which can cause swelling and enlargement — at least in the short term. In most cases the results are just temporary, and there are some risks of damaging the nerve endings in the sensitive surrounding tissue. To avoid this side effect, women trying clitoris enlargement with one of these pumps should only do so according to recommended guidelines and be careful not to use the tool too aggressively.

Hormone Therapy

Regular testosterone supplements are another means of clitoris enlargement, and usually take the form of oral or injectable supplements as concentrated topical creams. Testosterone is a sex hormone that is most commonly produced by males, but usually exists in trace amounts in females, too. Women who boost their levels intentionally through supplementation often see a swelling of their genital regions, but may also experience things like a deepened voice and thicker, more apparent body hair. A lot depends on the individual and the strength of the supplements.

It’s sometimes possible to buy testosterone cream in pharmacies, but these aren’t always suitable for use on the female sex organs. Only some types of testosterone creams are prescribed by gynecologists and women’s health specialists, usually only after the substances pass required lab tests for safety and effectiveness. In most cases it’s best for women to err on the side of safety and only boost their hormone levels under the guidance of a qualified healthcare provider.

As a Result of Steroid Use

Drugs in the steroid category can also sometimes cause enlargement as a side effect of muscle building and other endurance-related functions. The results of steroid use can be quite different from one woman to the next, depending on the existing amounts of natural testosterone in the body. Women with low levels of this hormone often report decreased sex drive and may seek testosterone supplements as a solution. Growth of the clitoris is a frequent side effect, as are increased blood flow to the entire genital region and heightened sensitivity.

Genetic Abnormalities

When enlargement occurs naturally at birth, it can range from minor, or barely noticeable, to very pronounced. This usually happens as a result of a genetic abnormality called “ambiguous genitalia.” In more serious cases, clitoral reduction surgery is considered a necessary measure to create a “normal” female genital appearance. Later, hormone therapy at puberty may also be recommended if too much natural testosterone is present.

Risks and Side Effects

Though there can be benefits to an enlarged clitoris, there are also a number of risks and downsides. This part of the body is very sensitive and is dense in nerve endings. Procedures that require consistent pressure or force can damage the nerves, which can actually reduce sensation — even if the surface area is technically larger. There are also risks that come with taking hormone supplements, particularly if they aren’t dosed properly. Women who are concerned about the size of their clitoris or who want to explore enlargement options are usually best served by talking to a professional before taking things into their own hands.


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Post 13

I have always admired a friend's clitoris, which is considerably larger than mine. When aroused, her clitoris extends some one and a half inches beyond her inner labia and looks just like a circumcised penis. The glans is keretonised and not too sensitive to touch and she is able to bring herself to orgasm at will by rubbing the head and extending the shaft.

I believe that this is the result of regular masturbation in her teens. Her inner lips are like butterfly wings and are a pretty pink color.

I can't wait to have a similar experience with my own small clitoris. Can you please help me to achieve this?

Post 7

I own a clitoral pump and absolutely love it.

Post 6

It's not hard to use a clit pump safely in the same way as it's not hard to do penis enlargement Exercise carefully and safely. All the information is on the web free for the taking. Do your research!

As for clit reduction. Please, no!

Post 4

@SkittisH - Not only is there the possibility of damaging your nerve endings, but imagine how uncomfortable this is! Many women can't even handle the discomfort from a breast pump during the nursing age of their babies, and I can imagine that most would find the idea of a pump used for clitoris enlargement or vagina enlargement to be just plain strange.

I know I find the idea of a clitoris pump to be strange. If I ever was presented with the chance to use one, I would be too squeamish to try it,e ven if I did have some strange belief that my clitoris was too small and that I needed to help it along in getting to

a more acceptable size.

While I don't personally have any trouble with this, I don't think wanting a larger clitoris is that strange of a desire, especially if yours is small. Though you hear more about male doubts, concerns and vanity regarding the appearance of their genitals, many women are just as self-conscious.

In addition to taking supplements, putting on creams, and apparently using scary pump-style devices, women have the options of getting cosmetic plastic surgery on the genitals to enlarge the clitoris and also to reduce the inner lips and plump up the outer ones. To some people, this stuff is really important.

Post 3

@aishia - You're absolutely right -- steroids and hormone replacement therapy that do things like enlarge the clitoris are in fact making a woman more manly than she was before.

One of my good friends for several years is female to male transgendered. He has taken hormone replacement therapy to get a lower, manly voice, be able to grow facial hair, and stop having menstrual periods. I was curious how this transformation could happen, so I looked it up, and your talk of hormones determining gender is right on the ball, too.

Of course, hormones are supposed to determine gender when you are an embryo; the hormones that determine whether you are male or female help determine how your bone

structure will be, and other telling factors in whether you were originally born male or female, regardless of what gender you end up becoming.

Back to the topic at hand -- the clitoris. Part of hormone therapy for female to male transgendered individuals involves making the genitals look as male as possible. This is done partly with surgery, but primarily with hormone treatments that enlarge the clitoris quite a bit, making it a similar shape to a penis.

Since blood flows to the clitoris during sex, creating a sort of clitoral erection, transgendered female to male people can feel more male by having functional male-type genitalia.

Post 2

The information in the article about how steroids that cause typical manly traits, such as increased body hair, lower voice and facial hair growth, reminds me of this research I've been reading on how gender is produced by hormones.

The reproductive systems of men and women have very similar builds -- whether they produce eggs or sperm, and whether the "base" build an embryo has develops into a boy or a girl is determined by hormones.

Think about it -- the male testes and penis can be compared to female ovaries and clitoris. In fact, if you take steroids and your clitoris grows in size, the male hormones at work are doing exactly this -- changing the clitoris to be closer to the build of a penis.

This is why taking steroids that otherwise give you "manly" attributes also increase clitoris size -- because believe it or not, a larger clitoris is closer to a manly build on a hormonal level.

Post 1

And here I thought the pump enlarger thing was only ever used for enlargement of the penis. While men get penis envy, I've never heard of women ever getting clitoris envy, so I'm a bit bemused as to why a woman would attempt this.

The article says that many women think a larger clitoris will result in stronger sexual sensations, but if you ask me, female sexual stimulation isn't just about the clitoris. Vaginal stimulation can also be used to achieve an orgasm -- some women are so sensitive that even kissing can have the same effect.

The phrase "bigger isn't always better" should definitely apply to something like this -- is it really worth it to you to possibly damage the nerve endings around your genitals to have a larger clitoris? It isn't to me!

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