What is Apple Pectin Shampoo?

Apple pectin leaves the hair clean and shiny without stripping it of oils.
Apple pectin shampoo.
Apple pectin shampoo is good for nearly all hair types.
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Apple pectin shampoo, also known as apple pectin shampoo concentrate, first became widely available in the 1970s when many salons used it at their shampoo bowls and sold it to clients for home use. This shampoo is a deep-cleansing shampoo that is recommended for almost all hair types. It is most often identified by its distinctive fresh apple fragrance. Many people feel a certain nostalgia for the product and purchase it specifically for its scent. The fragrance is not only present while using the shampoo, but also lingers in the hair after it is rinsed, dried, and styled.

Although apple pectin enjoyed the height of its popularity during the 1970s and 1980s, it remains available to consumers nearly 40 years later. Although other types of professional shampoo have taken over a large share of the salon market, apple pectin shampoo is still on the shelves of many beauty supply stores that sell to licensed hairdressers and salons as well as to the general public. It continues to be made in the same original formula as well as in moisturizing and fortifying formulas for dry or color-treated hair. Apple pectin is normally a very reasonably-priced professional shampoo, usually costing much less than other shampoos for a one liter bottle.


Apple pectin shampoo is considered to be an acidic shampoo known for leaving the hair extremely clean and shiny. It will not typically strip the hair of its natural oils, and does not contain silicone, which can build up on the hair and weigh it down. It is also quite concentrated, which means that a small amount is all that is usually needed to thoroughly cleanse the hair. It gets its unique fragrance from real apple pectin, which is a complex carbohydrate present in fresh apples. The shampoo also contains apple extract and vitamins A, C, and B-complex. Because pectin is a natural thickening agent, apple pectin shampoo often makes hair look and feel thicker and fuller.

Besides the shampoo concentrate, other varieties of apple pectin products are available, including hair conditioner and even an apple pectin permanent wave. Apple pectin products gained popularity because of their pleasant scent, and have even been used to remove unwanted odors. For example, apple pectin conditioner mixed with a small amount of baking soda and placed under heat can absorb and neutralize the lingering chemical smell of a permanent wave.


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Best shampoo of all time and I've always wondered what prevented it from becoming a household name. If you have hair and haven't tried it yet, go get a bottle, and take it easy on how much you use!

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