What Is Antifungal Soap?

Antifungal soap might be used to treat an acne breakout.
Antifungal soaps may help prevent athlete's foot and jock itch.
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Antifungal soap is a type of soap that may help people get rid of various fungal infections. This type of soap is typically effective against athlete's foot and jock itch. It may also be useful for treating other non-fungal skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Many antifungal soaps are very safe to use because the majority contain natural substances. These soaps are widely available at many food and drug stores and can also be purchased online.

Athlete's foot is a condition that antifungal soap may be able to eliminate with periodic use. This type of infection is often caught by people who frequently use public showers. Places like truck stops, public swimming areas, and fitness centers that have showers are some of the most likely places to pick up athlete's foot. In addition to eliminating athlete's foot, the soap may also help to reduce irritation from excess bacteria. In addition to using antifungal soap on athlete's foot, it could also be beneficial for a person to keep his or her feet dry at all times because excess moisture will only feed the fungus and encourage it to spread further.


Jock itch is another skin condition that may benefit from the use of antifungal soap. This condition can actually be a result of athlete's foot that spreads to the groin area. Most people think of jock itch as a problem reserved for men, but women sometimes get it as well. Antifungal soap used daily in the shower can help to quickly eliminate jock itch and ease the itching and irritation associated with it. Using regular soap on jock itch is not typically recommended because it may make the irritation worse. It is also important for anyone with jock itch to keep in mind that it spreads easily, so it may be best to avoid sexual contact until it has cleared up.

Even though eczema and psoriasis are not usually considered fungal infections, antifungal soap can usually help to clear them up. Most of the time, these skin conditions are either inherited or a result of sensitivity to chemicals in certain detergents or bath products. Antifungal soap can help to ease the symptoms of these problems because it tends to contain various skin-soothing ingredients such as calendula, vitamin E, and possibly some natural oils. In the event that any skin condition being treated with antifungal soap does not go away after a week or more of use, it may be necessary to see a doctor in case the problem is the result of something more serious.


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