What Is an Ionic Hair Straightener?

An ionic flat iron straightens hair, giving it a smoother, glossier look.
An ionic hair straightener allegedly produces ions from water molecules.
Using a hair straightener will cause less damage to hair than frequent brushing.
Ionic hair straighteners are a very popular tool women use to straighten their hair.
People with brittle hair damaged by hair dryers often use ionic tools.
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One of the latest technologies to be used in the world of hair styling tools is that of ions. Hair styling equipment companies that want to provide individuals with a way to retain straighter and smoother hair are using ions more frequently. One of the most popular hair styling tools used is an ionic hair straightener.

To understand what an ionic hair straightener is, it’s best to first understand what an ion is. An ion is a molecule or atom that has been charged. The atom or molecule has lost or gained one or more electrons, which can give it either a positive or negative electrical charge. A positive ion is considered unhealthy. A negative ion has better energy levels and overall health. Hair styling tools create negative ions to assist in transmitting health to the hair.

An ionic hair straightener neutralizes the positive ions found on hair and changes them into negative ions. These negative ions make the hair look healthier and give an individual the appearance of having smoother, silkier, and flatter hair. In addition to making the hair look healthier, the hair straightener can also refresh the hair. Negative ions can remove dirt and bacteria, and even deodorize the hair by removing odors.


An ionic hair straightener produces those ions by way of water molecules. The water molecules are emitted from the iron and are turned into fine particles that can re-hydrate and re-condition the hair. Once the molecules are absorbed into the hair, they restore moisture balance.

Most ionic hair irons are made of ceramic material. Non-ceramic irons heat the hair’s cuticle from the outside, which can cause an immense amount of heat damage. Ceramic material uses infrared heat with quickly penetrates the hair and only focuses on the inside of the cuticle.

Some ionic hair straighteners contain tourmaline. Tourmaline is a precious stone that generates a vast number of negative ions upon heating. The extra negative ions produced by tourmaline further reduce the probability that the iron will cause heat damage and ensures the hair will be soft and silky.

People who have hair that has become damaged due to overstyling and too much heat also use ionic hair tools. The constant use of hair dryers and other tools can make hair brittle and possibly cause breakage. Ions can help hair retain more moisture than traditional styling tools. Hair that has better retained moisture is softer, less brittle, and healthier.



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Post 5

Well said! I've been straightening my hair forever and it is definitely damaging to your hair. But for the last year I've been using the Glamshop ionic straightener almost every day and my hair has never looked healthier. I love it because I can curl my hair with it too. Only paid $110 for it, which is really good considering what you can spend on a straightener.

Post 4

Very true. Ionic straighteners are the best thing for hair. They speed up the straightener's efficiency and they smooth out hair a lot faster than regular straighteners.

For extra ionic technology it's always best to use a tourmaline straightener. I use the Karmin G3 because it has ceramic and tourmaline so it's extra safe and incredibly effective.

Post 2

@ElbowTickle - A lot of professionals use ionic straighteners, so I think it is safe to say that they work as good as the regular kind. They are very popular in Europe salons and well loved by those that want to get rid of their curly hair.

Ionic straighteners might actually help restore your hair, if you take vitamin D and lots of fish oil -- as your hair grows, it will be healthier. The ionic straightener is about the only thing you can do other than moisturizers to fix the hair you already have.

Right now, the average price of a ionic straightener seems to be around $50USD. If you plan on using it every day, it's probably a good investment. Your hair will thank you.

Post 1

Wow, this sounds like a good idea! I was just trying to figure out how I could keep straightening my hair without damaging it more. I've been making it straight for years now and it's getting really dry. I use moisturizing conditioners and everything -- but I guess it just isn't enough to combat the heat of the hot iron.

Does anyone know if a ionic hair works as good as the regular straighteners? It sounds like one of these might be kind of expensive, so it would be nice to know how well it worked before I got one.

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