What Is an Ionic Hair Brush?

Using an ionic hairbrush can help make hair shiny.
Ionic tools are used in most hair salons.
Ionic hair brushes are designed to lock moisture into each strand of hair.
Ionic hair brushes emit negatively charged ions that break down the positively charged water molecules in wet hair.
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Hair brushes are generally considered an important tool for most people who have hair, although some brushes can do more damage than good. Ionic hair brushes attempt to fill in that gap by bringing negatively charged ions to the hair in order to make the hair shiny and healthy. The ions aim to close off the hair cuticles and lock in moisture to the hair strands.

An ion is either a molecule or an atom that has lost or gained an electron — a negative ion is a molecule that has gained an electron. The negative ion attempts to neutralize itself by getting rid of an atom, and in the meantime it reacts with surrounding materials. Negative ions emitted by an ionic hair brush react directly with the hair.

Hair has a natural positive charge that repels hair strands from each other, thereby causing frizz or fly-away hair. When the negative ions of an ionic hair brush react with repelling hair, the ions force the strands to lay straight alongside each other. Using an ionic hair brush typically gives hair strands a shiny and healthy appearance. When the hair cuticle is flattened, hair typically is softer and has more volume.


Some creators and merchandisers of ionic hair brushes claim that the brushes also heal damaged hair. In reality, damaged hair cannot be fully repaired. Healthy hair typically is a product of maintenance, the right hair products, and most importantly, a nutritious diet. Damaged hair can be made to look healthier, though, while a person is truly repairing his or her locks from the inside out.

An ionic hair brush can be used in conjunction with an ionic blow dryer to maximize the appearance of healthy hair. Like ionic hair brushes, ionic blow dryers also emit negatively charged ions. These ions break down the positively charged water molecules in wet hair. Once the water molecules are smaller, the hot air from the blow dryer can more easily penetrate hair strands. Hair is then able to be dried quicker, thereby cutting down on drying time and heat damage.

Ionic tools are used in most hair salons, but ionic brushes and hair dryers are inexpensive enough to buy for home use. These tools are also available in most stores so it is not necessary to have a stylist purchase one. Ionic hair brushes generally are easy to handle and are designed with the user in mind. An ionic hair brush will have both a strong grip and sturdy, ionic bristles. Ionic hair dryers with a high wattage typically are best for people with thick hair; dryers with a low wattage are designed for people with thinner hair.



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I have heard mixed reviews from friends who have used them. Like any hair care, some ionic brushes work better than others. I would recommend looking around pretty carefully before you buy one.

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While I have never tried an ionic hair brush, I have very thick, curly hair that generally does not respond well to brushes of any kind. In fact, I currently don't own any hair brushes at all.

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