What Is an Eyebrow Extender?

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An eyebrow extender is a makeup tool used to fill in, enhance, or elongate the appearance of eyebrow lashes. In order for the eyebrow extensions to look natural, it's important to use an eyebrow extender shade that matches the exact color of the natural eyebrow. Eyebrow extenders come in various shades of browns, blacks, and even blonds that can suit virtually every person. A major benefit of using an eyebrow extender versus a pencil or powder is that it creates the illusion of a real textured eyebrow instead of a simple drawn line. Another benefit is that many of these types of extensions last several days, eliminating the daily hassle of reapplying.

Most eyebrow extenders come in a tube with two different ends, much like the two-ended mascara containers. One end contains a wand and applicator gel, and the other end contains a wand and the colored hair fibers. The colored hair fibers are made in many different shades to match varying hues of blond, brown, and black hair. Once the correct shade of fibers is found, perfectly matched eyebrows can be obtained in as little as 60 seconds. Of course, the actual time it takes to complete the process will vary among individuals, depending on how much of an area needs to be covered and how quickly the process is learned.


The first step in using an eyebrow extender involves dipping the wand into the adhesive gel and spreading it over the areas that need to be covered. The adhesive gel sets within 60 seconds, and it may be necessary to try working on a smaller area one at a time, instead of larger areas all at once. If the adhesive gel is allowed to harden before the fibers can be applied, some of the adhesive gel will be wasted, and the step will need to be repeated. Apply the adhesive gel to any areas where hairs are sparse, gaps exist, or the eyebrow needs extending.

The second step involves dipping the other wand into the eyebrow extender fibers and applying them to the eyebrow. This is accomplished by holding the wand up next to where the adhesive gel was applied and patting the fibers into place until the desired coverage is achieved. The adhesive gel serves the dual purpose of holding the fibers in place for extended periods of time and also allowing the fibers to stand upright, creating a textured and more natural appearance. For temporary and untextured eyebrows, it's also possible to use the eyebrow extender fibers without the adhesive gel.


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