What Is an Egg White Mask?

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An egg white mask may improve the appearance of acne scarring.
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An egg white mask is a natural skin treatment that can be easily used at home. The basic method uses nothing more than the clear, or white, liquid portion of an egg. Egg white is also called albumen. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein, and can provide numerous skin benefits, like deep cleaning pores, soothing red areas, and exfoliating.

Egg white masks are a natural facial treatment that is low in cost and readily available in most kitchens. As with many skin care routines, application of the mask should be avoided in the eye area. Its use is not limited to the facial area, however, and may also be applied to the shoulders, neck, and other areas in need of treatment. The basic mask does must be washed off with warm water, as it is not designed to peel off like some other products.

Making an egg white mask at home requires no special equipment. A user needs only to gently crack an egg into a bowl and separate the egg white from the yolk, or yellow portion. The yolk may be saved separately for other uses. The liquid egg white can be applied directly to the skin or beaten slightly to create a frothy mask. Application can be done with a cosmetic sponge, facial brush, or just the fingertips.


The benefits of egg white masks include cleansing and exfoliating the skin. This type of mask can also reduce acne and associated redness. Egg white is an astringent and can provide a temporary tightening of the skin and reduction of wrinkles. Some users also report that this facial has mild skin-lightening properties. Users may also find a slight reduction in the appearance of acne scarring.

Creating personalized versions of an egg white mask allows the user to address other skin needs as well. Some mask recipes include the addition of a small amount of lemon juice, rose water, or warm honey, all of which act as a toner and can help with oily skin. Oatmeal flour, cornmeal, and even commercial acne scrubs may be added to the egg white for additional exfoliation benefits.

Another variation of an egg white mask involves the application of a thin layer of the liquid applied to the face. Small pieces of thin tissue are then applied over the egg layer. A second coating of egg white is then applied over the tissue. This mask is allowed to dry and then gently peeled off. Users report this to be an effective way to remove blackheads.

Egg white masks can be left on the skin for various lengths of time. Recommendations range from 15 to 20 minutes, and some suggest over one hour. Some users report that they even leave the mask on overnight. When first trying an egg white mask, one should use it for a short time to see how the skin reacts.

One egg white will work for more than one facial treatment. Unused egg white can be covered and refrigerated for subsequent use. The container should be marked with an expiration date to prevent the product from spoiling. This date can be as long as if the whole egg were still in its shell, but most people try to use it for another facial within a few days.


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