What is Aluminized Steel?

Air conditioner housings are often composed of aluminized steel.
Corrugated siding is often made of aluminized steel.
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Aluminized steel is a material that combines typical steel with an aluminum coating. This coating allows it to retain its form at very high temperatures. Used for a wide array of purposes, the main benefit of aluminized steel lies in its ability to withstand or reflect very hot temperatures while also resisting corrosion. There are two types; the first contains around 5 to 10 percent silicon as well as aluminum. The silicon aids in the adherence of the two materials. The second type is coated with pure aluminum. Both types result in a tight bond between the steel sheet and the aluminum coating.

The production cost of aluminized steel is low when compared with that of related materials like stainless steel. Stainless is stronger and more durable than aluminized steel, however. It is also less susceptible to rust. Stainless steel is often the common choice for items that need a very polished appearance, while aluminized steel has a wide variety of uses in common household products.


Products made with aluminized steel exhibit the surface characteristics of aluminum with the strength and economic cost of steel. It is available in a variety of forms, including tubing and sheet coil stock, which make it very useful in mass production. Stainless and carbon aluminized steels are produced in a variety of grade classifications and sizes, as well. When aluminized steel is formed in a sheet stock, it can be easily stamped, broken, and bent to take on a wide variety of forms. Large coils of the material can also be cut to smaller or custom sizes, depending on the manufacturing purpose.

Automotive exhaust components use aluminized products to withstand heat and prevent corrosion from constant exposure to the elements. Other products made with aluminum coated steel include furnace parts, ovens, ranges, and heaters. Fireplace inserts, water heater parts, and even baking pans are a few of the additional fabricated products made for residential use.

Corrugated roofing and siding, grain bins, air conditioner housings and drying ovens are often composed of aluminized steel. There are a wide range of applications for residential, commercial, and industrial uses for both types aluminized products. The energy, transportation, and appliance industries are major consumers of this specialty steel product. Agriculture, mining, and construction industries all benefit from aluminized steel products.


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