What Is a Wrist Knife?

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A wrist knife is a general term for almost any style of blade held sheathed at the wrist. A well-known style of wrist knife is the bracelet-like blade worn by the Turkana people of Kenya, Africa. Wrist knives have also made appearances in fantasy and science fiction movies, books, and video games, such as Assassin's Creed. The knives depicted in these movies and games tend to be elaborate in design.

The Turkana wrist knife was created by the Turkana tribe in Kenya, but its use has since spread to neighboring areas. These wrist knives were created by forging a wide metal blade in the shape of a full circle with a leather-lined hole so the blade can be slipped on the wrist. The outer edge of the blade is then sharpened, and a strip of leather is molded around the edge and held on with clips to protect the wearer from accidental cutting.

Turkana wrist knives are said to be used for fighting in close quarters. The blades are not removed from the wrist when fighting, but instead are worn while the warrior makes short slashing motions. Fighting with such knives is typically ritualized for populations such as the Turkana. Their use may have come about from the cultural taboo that a Turkana cannot kill another Turkana with a spear.


Other kinds of wrist knives are typically any style of knife that is carried in a sheath strapped to the wrist. A wrist knife carried in this way is sometimes considered a concealed weapon. Thus, ownership and use of such knives may be legislated and varies from country by country.

Wrist knives are also a common feature in sci-fi and fantasy armories. Concealed wrist knives are often carried by ninjas and other assassins. Some of these fantasy weapons have retractable blades or are capable of catapulting a knife across the room. One of the most famous wrist knives belongs to the character Altair from the video game Assassin's Creed. One of Altair's signature weapons is a concealed wrist knife with a retractable blade, which he uses for quick assassinations.

The creation of retractable blades is usually restricted by legislation and design. Even for many blade enthusiasts, the creation or carrying of a wrist knife is considered risky due to laws which banning such weapons. For this reason, projectile wrist knives are mainly a prop found in movies.


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