What Is a Wet Burrito?

A wet burrito is topped with red sauce and cheese.
A bowl of sour cream, which is often used to top wet burritos.
Black olives are often used in burritos.
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A wet burrito is a dish found in Mexican or Mexican-influenced American cuisine consisting of a standard burrito topped with red sauce and melted cheese. It is made in much the same way as any other burrito, with various types of fillings wrapped in a flour tortilla. Although many recipes use shredded or ground beef, a wet burrito can also be made with only beans and rice as a filling. It is usually served on a plate since a good amount of red sauce, often enchilada sauce, is poured over it and shredded cheese is melted on top.

Also called an “enchilada style” burrito, a wet burrito is fairly popular at many restaurants that serve Mexican food. It is likely not a traditional Mexican dish, however, and so it may be found more often in establishments that serve cuisine that is influenced by both Mexican and American cooking. A wet burrito can also be referred to as burrito suizo, which is a reference to the melted cheese on top of it.


In many ways, a wet burrito is made just like other types, with a large flour tortilla that is filled with various ingredients. Shredded beef is quite popular and traditional for Mexican cooking; this has typically been roasted or otherwise cooked with various spices and flavors. Ground beef can also be used, though this is commonly viewed as a more American method for preparation, and seasonings are often added to the meat. Beans can be served within a wet burrito, as well as Mexican rice; these can be used without meat for a vegetarian dish.

Additional fillings can be used to make the burrito, such as onions, lettuce, and diced tomato. Traditional preparations often serve this on the side with the wet burrito, though some cooks include it in the filling. The flour tortilla is then wrapped around the filling and it is placed on a fairly large plate. Red sauce is then spooned or poured over the burrito, which makes it “wet.” Enchilada sauce can be used for this, though a slightly different version is sometimes made from a combination of plain tomato sauce and enchilada sauce.

This wet burrito is then topped with shredded cheese and placed in an oven to melt the cheese and heat it through once more. Once the cheese has melted, then it is served and typically eaten using a knife and fork. Additional toppings such as sour cream or diced black olives can also be sprinkled over the melted cheese for serving.


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